Monday, January 14, 2008

A Woman's Right to Shoes

Alternatively, this post could be called "Spoiled Rotten."

Yes, folks, today was the highly anticipated biennial Grandma Shopping Spree at South Coast Plaza. This year's theme was "Expensive Stuff for My Feet."

Brother Monkey, Torry, and I picked up Grandma Monkey and met Mama Monkey in the women's shoe department of Saks Fifth Avenue at 11:00 a.m., where The Attack of the Shopping Monkey commenced. Between Saks and a host of other stores, I got two Jimmy Choos, two Salvatore Ferragamos, and a Manolo Blahnik, Stuart Weitzman, Kate Spade, and BCBG Max Azria.

Grandma Monkey also bought Torry a pair of Miu Miu shoes. I was so excited about that! They are cute black ballet-ish suede flats with bows on the toes. I tried my best to encourage Torry to accept more gifts, but, unlike me, she is very polite. In contrast, I have no shame.

I'm really excited about all of my new shoes. I haven't gotten new shoes in quite awhile, and, now that I no longer walk to and from work, my shoes won't get worn out nearly as quickly. When I walk, I walk hard. But now I can wear stilettos without worrying about trekking several blocks every day.

Post-shoes, we had lunch at Quattro Cafe. Dishes ordered included the Di Mais (mixed baby greens, corn, strawberries, feta cheese tossed in balsamic) ($14), Bistecca (panini with filet mignon, brie, spinach, and caramelized onions) ($17), and lobster ravioli ($22). Two other sandwiches and spaghetti were eaten, too, but they were too far away to photograph. Everything was surprisingly good for mall food, although not earth-shattering. I treated. It was like I bought half a shoe.

Since I got so many designer shoes, I decided to get some less expensive clothes at Banana Republic, where I also picked up several cotton/cashmere sweaters for Mr. Monkey and where Brother Monkey collected a number of sweaters and shirts. Here are a few dressing room shots of some new simple work clothes.

The "less expensive" kick didn't last long.

Hello, Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Rosewood Bag! Grandma got a Monogram Vernis Houston Bag in pomme d'amour (i.e., red). I almost got the Epi Leather Ségur MM in rouge, but I decided the bag I ultimately chose was more fun. It's shiny, young, and whimsical, just like moi!

Grandma also bought me the most expensive item of the day: a Gucci watch! Oh, how I love it so! Now I have a pretty watch I can wear almost any occasion.

While Brother Monkey looked for shoes, I found some Timberland hiking boots that will come in handy for our trip in two weeks.

When I watch TLC's What Not to Wear, I marvel at the people who find it difficult to spend their allotted $5,000 in two days. This is something I cannot fathom. If spending other people's money were a sport, I'd be a total Olympian. Wouldn't you?

And then it was time to eat again. We tried Hamamori at the mall. Wow! What a nice surprise!

You know the classification "New American"? Hamamori is like "New Japanese." The design is modern and sleek, and the food innovative and fresh. Dishes are meant to be eaten family-style and in the approximate order presented on the menu.

Hamachi Sprinkled With Himalayan Sea Salt ($14).

Tuna Tartare With Tofu Avocado and Nori Sauce ($17).

Tamari Marinated Black Cod ($24).

Kurobuta Tenderloin Hirekatsu ($16).

Spicy Tuna Roll ($15).

Braised Kobe Beef Cheeks and Japanese Vegetables ($26).
Spider Roll ($18).

We were all very pleased with our meal. There wasn't a single thing I didn't savor. Initially, we joked a little about the small portions, but, at the end, we were satisfied and content, but not overindulged.

I'd already done enough of that all day long.


  1. Wow, Grandma Monkey knows how to shop :) Shoes, purses, clothes, watches, oh my!

  2. uh, will your grandma adopt me? jealous over here! You got some great pick ups on everything!

  3. i don't know where to start:

    * i'm drooling over the shoes. positively drooling.
    * the new spring line at BR is super cute. i tried a few things on on friday and was pleasantly surprised at how cute their stuff is right now.
    * love the LV, though i'm kinda sad you didn't go for the epi in red. maybe b/c i drool over the epi bags whenever i see them.
    * i'm glad you got shoes for your trip. seriously. i'm thinking that your feet will thank you ;)

  4. awesome loot. i think i may need to try hamamori.

  5. The visual of you walking through the mall with a thousand bags in your hand warms my heart.

  6. Double WHOA! I don't even understand that kind of spending.

  7. Please let Grandma Monkey know that I am available for adoption. I am woefully short on the Grandparent front.

    I love BR - it's where I get all my work clothes!

  8. W.O.W. You are one lucky granddaughter! Love the shoes!

  9. *drool* Love it all!!! Especially Grandma Monkey. What a treat!

  10. [on the floor, twitching and drooling]

  11. this reminds me of my mother and her fiancé... can't keep up with them!! i LOVE your ferragamos (both pairs) and the gorgeous watch. i just received an LV tivoli pm and i loove it. ;-) p.s. i found out that pinkberry IS coming out with a new flavor this week: coffee! not sure how i feel about that!

  12. Love the bag, love the shoes, love it all!! Those Stewart Weitzman's are sooo sassy! :) I too am available for adoption at anytime~ha! You got some really great stuff.

  13. I think everyone said it already: wow, I want a Grandma Monkey, you're so lucky, I've never spent that much money, blah blah blah.

    What I will add is that Grandma Monkey can call me fat any time she wants if she's going to turn around and soothe my wounded soul with goods. I'm a whore like that. ;)

    I've never even tried on a pair of any of those designer shoes for fear I will love them. Oh, and that brown and cream skirt is really cute!

  14. What, no love for the Timberland boots?

  15. I've been thinking about your new shoes all day... :) smiley sigh...

  16. i hate you. :)

    just kidding! you made away waaay better than a mere Murakami LV! Yay for Grandma!

  17. Shopping should be an Olympic sport. You and G-ma Monkey would dominate the Synchronized Shopping events. DOMINATE.

    They'd even have to make a special PLATINUM medal for you...platinum, encrusted with diamonds and the teeth of royal children. Because gold wouldn't be an adequate award for your win. And what a win it was.

  18. i just literally pooped myself. poop all over our office and frank and our multicade machine. thanks, monkey.

    I wanna be "Adopted brown MONKEY who cleans a mean closet."

    please? i know you can make it happen!

  19. You've just lived out a dream of mine.

    I love shopping but I'm too poor to buy the fancy stuff. I have to stick with Banana Republic and the like...

    Wanna adopt me?

  20. Lucky girl! What a nice grandmother you have! the Ferragamos on the right are AMAZING! I want to see the side view, when you wear those, please post pics!

  21. Maybe next time, grandma monkey can take me shopping. All look same, right?


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