Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sushi and Slavery

I'm excited to report that my new friend at work, Giggles, is quite the intellectual and a non-boring eater -- perfect attributes for a Friend of Monkey. We had a lovely date after work on Wednesday. You may recall that, a few weeks ago, I wrote, "I hope Giggles and I become good friends." Indeed, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

We started off with an early dinner at Zip Fusion Sushi downtown (744 E. 3rd Street). We were excited about happy hour specials, but, alas, these no longer exist. Even so, we had a nice time. I'm not *quite* to the point of taking pics of food with Giggles yet, but maybe soon.

We shared a seaweed salad ($6.95), which was freakin' awesome. I know it's just a salad, but it was really really good. We also had a sushi combo ($14.95) consisting of two pieces each of tuna, salmon, albacore, snapper, shrimp, and six pieces of spicy tuna rolls, as well as a "jazz roll" (cucumber, avocado, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and eel sauce).

To top things off, we ordered a couple pieces of yellowtail ($4.50). I didn't think we ate that much, but we were both extremely full and satisfied with this array. All of the fish was fresh, delicate, and delicious, and, considering the quality, I'd say reasonably priced. I especially enjoyed the yellowtail. Zip Fusion is a great place to hang with pals after work.

After dinner, we headed to the Los Angeles Central Library to listen to Kevin Bales give a lecture presented through ALOUD called "Ending Slavery: How We Free Today's Slaves." Despite the great potential of being a total downer, the talk was rather interesting, and I liked spending my evening doing something different from just TV or a movie. I'd almost forgotten how much I like to learn, and this was a good reminder.


  1. Sounds like a great evening. Glad you are making awesome friends at your new job! Not that there was any doubt! :)

  2. When I grow up - I want to be just like you. But until then I'll live vicariously through your wonderful stories.

  3. fun! giggles sounds like a cool chick.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! I've been to Zip's a couple of times and each time, I've enjoyed my meals there.

  5. Farking Zip Fusion was a PITA with us on my b day... I'm still bitter.

    Speaking of changing their specials they completely changed their volcano roll.

    Much smaller and not as yummy. Reason why I'm bitter #2.

    Yey for giggles being a cool chic!!

  6. you and giggles are both such smarties. mmm...candy. mmm...sushi. i didn't realize you had japanese two nights in a row.

  7. Hi Weezer,

    Thanks for the mention of my talk on modern slavery, just in case anyone would like to know more about how we can end slavery in our lifetimes our website is

    The sushi sounds awesome.
    All best,
    Kevin Bales

  8. Yay for new friends! And yay for intellectual stimulation. :)

  9. I love the nicknames you come up with for your co-workers. cute!!

  10. I miss learning too. That sushi looks so damned good!

  11. Aw shucks...the feeling's mutual :) -Giggles


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