Sunday, April 6, 2008

Desperately Sikh-ing Parking

There was quite the commotion around our place this afternoon, so I grabbed my camera and headed outside to track down the source of the clamor.

It turned out to be a parade coordinated by the Southern California Gurdwaras in celebration of Baisakhi, the beginning of the new year.

I followed the parade all around downtown. Very colorful and very cool.

Several people came up to me to ask what the parade was all about. Apparently, an Asian girl wearing a Dashboard Confessional zip hoodie and red checkerboard Vans while wielding a large camera is the right person to ask.

The parade, called nagar kirtan, followed this year's celebration, "The Living Spirit of Guru," held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

I cover the parade more seriously on angelenic, if you're interested in reading more. Mr. Monkey calls me his little photojournalist.

The truth? I just wanted to see why we weren't able to drive home. After the parade, I was finally able to move our car, which we parked several blocks away because of street closures, back into our garage.


  1. awesome colors.
    awesome article.
    boo to street closures.

  2. How did you even begin to figure out what the parade was about in the first place?!

  3. Look at you! Grabbing your camera and chasing a story! You are a journalist in the making, my dear!! :)

  4. They're Asian aren't they? And you're Asian too, so it makes sense that you would know exactly what was going on. I would have asked you too.

    All look same.

  5. impressed that you know about the celebration.

  6. Cool parade but the parking bit is reason 9,001 why I couldn't live in LA.

  7. Nice title. ;) Cool photos, cool parade.

  8. such beautiful colors. great pics girl.

  9. I saw something about this on the news. Very cool. Great pics. :)


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