Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There Is Good in the World

I started the day a little earlier than usual for a meeting. During that meeting, I was asked a question, and I had no idea how to respond. I actually had to leave the room for a minute to ask the Shark for the answer. I came back with the information, red-faced.

It was a full day, very busy. I have a lot of things due this week, and I'm a little frazzled. This is not a high-stress job by any means, but I'm definitely on edge because I have a lot on my plate, and I'm still learning about my industry. There are lots of things that simply aren't typical to the litigation to which I've grown so accustomed.

The Shark is leaving soon for a month-long vacation, and he is divvying up a few matters between me and Chewbacca. This is a bit of added workload. I'm not quite sure how Whipping Boy escaped similar duties, but I guess I should take this as a vote of confidence in my abilities. After all, I will get to mingle with some bigwigs in the process and get my name out there. It's really a good opportunity for me, but just thinking about it today made me a little apprehensive.

There is so much to do. Feeling very overwhelmed. Slightly drowning even.

I actually stayed "late" tonight. "Late" is in quotation marks because I'm now a normal schlub who pretty much works 9 to 5 most days. I left a little before 8 p.m. The revolving door to my parking lot locks at 8 p.m., so I made sure to exit before then in order to circumvent the secret CIA after-hours egress.

I hobbled down the stairs and trudged all the way to my faraway car. Yes, hobbled. My very very tall leopard Stuart Weitzmans were killing me. Curse you for being so cute, you stupid shoes! I kicked them off in the car and drove barefoot.

On my way home, lo and behold, I heard the new Weezer song! It's like something out there knew I really needed this. I actually let out a happy little squeal! The song is called "Pork and Beans," and it seems to hearken back to the simple goodness that was The Blue Album.

Alas, the Red Album doesn't come out until June 24, but this new little Weezer song lifted my spirits. A few songs later, Death Cab for Cutie was crooning to me. Yay for music I love!

I came home to an empty condo, but I knew Mr. Monkey was playing softball tonight. He had called me before he left, gave me a much-needed pep talk, and said he would bring home tacos from Chano's for dinner. Mmm. Another spirit-lifter! Mr. Monkey is my favorite.

Another smile-generator tonight was the nicest e-mail from a blog lurker. Little did she know how much that little note meant to me after such a not-so-great day. Thank you, lurker!

I'm actually sort of teary now. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm usually tougher than this, but when Mr. Monkey started singing that stupid "You Had a Bad Day" song (with modified lyrics) to me to cheer me up, I totally lost it.

But in a good way.

He's a nice Monkey. Warm and cuddly. He hugs me and brings me Orange Bang.


  1. Let's go find a corner and pout together!! And I thank YOU for your snippets of wisdom and (gasp!) pep earlier today. I sure needed it. Weezer rocks! (double entendre)

  2. Stay strong Wemo! I hate it when life starts to get suffocating but somehow, someway it always works out. That is the only way I've managed to get through some of my days.
    Mr. Monkey is so sweet, could he come over and teach my dog a few tricks?

  3. I hope today's a better day for you.

  4. Two thumbs up for Mr. Monkey :)

    My client's office shuts off ALL the lights promptly at 8 PM. It freaks me out a little (and is probably so bad for my eyes as I stare at my laptop screen in the dark).

  5. :( ah, boo for crazy days. glad mr. monkey was able to perk you up a bit. hope today is better.

  6. YAY for Mr. Monkey! I admit I had to cry last night too. Sometimes things are off and it just gets to you. Hope it gets easier soon.

    p.s. I told you Stuart shoes are evil!!

  7. Yay for a man who knows how to brighten his wife's day! Wishing you have a much better day and a great rest of your week!

  8. Go, Monkey, go! Hope the load gets easier soon.

  9. Monkey!

    You are so cute with your Mr. Monkey references. Hope the load lightens up soon!

  10. I heard the new song last night on my way home and instantly thought of you.
    *Cue "Somewhere Out There" from American Tail - and even though I know how very far apart we are/it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star*

    I was going to email you today to get your latest thoughts, but you've already shared them with the world.

  11. i kiss you today.

    I kiss you because you are a smart cookie that is humble enough to know she still has much to learn. I kiss you because small things like a song, a piece of good writing set to a melody really, make you happy. I kiss you because you didn't go to USC but loves you some Chano's. I kiss you because you chose a man who plays softball and picks you up Orange Bang and croons to you playfully. I kiss you because you drink Orange Bang.

    kisses to help you swim like a fishy in the good and not drown in the bad today,

  12. It's good to remember that behind the hardened Monkey exterior is a very soft and gooey and sensitive Monkey. :)

    I hope today is better for you, too.

  13. love the new weezer song.
    orange bang makes any day better.
    mr. monkey rocks.
    you'll rock the worky stuff, i know.
    we all know the monkey isn't quite as tough as she first appears, which makes her even more endearing. ;)

  14. awww, i hope you are feeling better! i hate when stuff like that happens. i am a huge baby and cry about everything, so i totally know how it is when tears come out of nowhere.
    nothing lifts the mood like a weezer song though.... i'm so excited to hear it myself.

  15. I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Life seems tough for a lot of people right now. Thank god for Mr. Monkey to help you get through it. And you are kick-ass awesome, so have no doubts in your abilities to persevere and succeed. You do a great job and everyone knows it.

    Hang in there :)

  16. Orange Bang! You are a lucky Monkey! I had a day like this today, and I am drained. However, I didn't have any Orange Bang, so I am jealousE.

  17. how sweet is your husband? two thumbs up for the orange bang + taco dinner. ;-) and yes, weezer always puts me in a good mood too!

  18. Orange bang from a taco carrying Mr. Monkey. Really. What more does one need in this world?

  19. awww, i'm glad weezer was able to cheer to you though =)

  20. Mr. Monkey sounds like a great person and I think it is so sweet he sings to you. You work so hard and sometimes we're tested at times and are sometimes amazed by our own reactions to those trying events. Boo to Stuart, Yay to Weezer and most of all Mr. Monkey :)

  21. ok, I got teary eyed at this entry... I think it's because Mr. Monkey sang to you (the hubs does that for me when I'm super down too).

    Maybe I'm PMSing...

    I hope your week gets better, hun.

  22. i know it's a bad day when you, one of the strongest and cheeriest people i know, get teary at the end of it :( i'm glad you have your wonderful mr. monkey to perk things up every day.

  23. Wow, a month-long vacation?!

    I love the new song, too!

  24. I love how the universe just kind of knows you need a lift and sends in your favorite Monkey to do the trick.


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