Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Play Ball!

We went to our first Dodger game of the season tonight with Brother Monkey and his friend, dak, who bears such a striking resemblance to Jordan Bratman that he was once approached at Subway and asked if he was the Mr. Christina Aguilera.

Mr. Monkey wore his usual get-up.

We sat on the Field Level (i.e., the yellow seats down on the field), where all the concession stands have been remodeled.

Some sights from our seats.

And then there was the glorious food.

My mess of an Italian sausage with mustard, ketchup, relish, and onions.
Gordon Biersch garlic fries swimming in five-napkin grease. Why "five-napkin," you ask? That's the number of napkins it took to soak up that pool. Brother Monkey and Mr. Monkey ate most of this. I couldn't bring myself to eat much after snapping the photo midway.

Camacho's nachos with carnitas. Always a winner.

Camacho's chicken chimichanga. Hot. Cheesy. Fried. Handheld. Perfect.

Ruby's Diner tri-tip sliders, which came with a side of horseradish and au jus. These were delicious little meaty juicy presents for my tummy. Pretty awesome for ballpark food.

Ruby's Diner cajun fries. Feisty!

The game was tied 0-0 for the longest time. In the sixth inning, things got shaken up when third base coach Larry Bowa went nuts after a call by the umpire. I'd never seen such a heated argument live at a baseball game. Bowa was ejected! Exciting! Sadly, I had my hands (and mouth) full of food, so no pics.

The Giants scored two runs at the top of the seventh to break the tie, but then the Dodgers tied it up again at the bottom of the seventh. We sat and shivered, wondering how much longer the teams would remain tied. I'm going to wear warmer clothing tomorrow night. Yes, we're going again tomorrow.

We were thrilled when closing pitcher Takashi Saito came in. Yeah!

Saito slayed the Giants at the top of the ninth, setting the stage for a Dodger win. (Ignore the person's head in the lower right corner of all my Saito pics. Boo!)

Rafael Furcal scored on Delwyn Young's awesome infield hit for a winning score of 3-2. The crowd and team went wild!

The end [at which peanuts were thrown by the guy beside us].

At least she wore blue.


  1. I'm shocked to hear that the Ruby's food was good. Just more stuff to eat at Dodger Stadium, yay!

  2. Love the end shot! I am truly impressed that you actually managed to gross me out with pictures of some of my favorite greasy foods.

  3. I was hoping you guys would go to see the Sox at the Coliseum! And no pics of dak? I've probably got some nice (embarrassing) ones...

  4. live baseball games are fun. but, i'm still sad that we're almost at the end of basketball season and still have several months before football starts up again :(

  5. So fun and the food looked great! I think the next blog party should be there :)

    (and yes I think you blog the perfect amount)

  6. I might be heading to a Dodger's game down here in the next week - but in order to keep my job, I may have to root root root for the home team.

  7. Ruby's is the best thing to happen to ballparks since....the bobblehead!

    And that photo of the Gordon Biersch fries was just icky. My tummy turned.

  8. The only way MH can get me to a sporting event is to ply me with food and beer. MMMMMM

  9. yow that tushy!

    let's go to a game together. i think it be a fun double ;)

    warning tho mr. diabolina can get really crazy angry when his team is losing. i'm usually too tipsy to take him seriously.

    you've been warned!

  10. OMG. too much good stuff in here.

  11. Wow, those are some amazing seats . . . but you know my eyes are fixed on the food.

  12. I can't wait to eat my way through the stadium. I need to dig out my fat pants.

  13. That guy's face in the third photo is hilarious!

  14. Those fries look soooo yummy :0

  15. hey, there's a canter's deli at dodger stadium?!?

  16. spandex dodger blue is never good.

    looks like you guys had fun!!

  17. I love that you took a pic of the bad last name :) So, I guess I won't wear my royal blue 80s leggings to our {hopeful} Dodger blog party...

  18. I am disturbed by big blue's panty lines. Yuck.

    The food pics make it all better though. ;) I think I'll have to try a chimichanga next time I go.


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