Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jokey Smurf

Do you remember Jokey Smurf? The really annoying guy who always gave his friends a bright yellow and red-ribboned gift that blew up?

Today I was Jokey Smurf.

My co-worker Jason Bourne was "out sick" earlier this week. He had "food poisoning" and was "working at home." Capri opined that he was, in fact, sipping margaritas while sitting on the beach. He replied that he was sitting, but he wasn't sitting on the beach.

Bax, Phileas Fogg, FSkadden, and I had lunch at Lublae, which, as you know, we lovingly call Target Thai. Phileas Fogg observed that I have the diction of a teenager with all my abbreviated text-speak (i.e., I actually say "OMG" or "WTF" in real life). He admitted that he used to think "LOL" stood for "lots of love." We all cracked up, especially when Phileas Fogg said he thought it was really weird when his assistant ended an e-mail with "LOL" long ago when he still thought it was the equivalent of hugs and kisses.

Then it came to me.

Bax and I moseyed on over to Target after lunch. I had to buy some toilet paper and shampoo. She had to get a card and toothbrush. When we were in the toilet paper section, we bought a little extra something. When we were in the card section, we also bought a little extra something.

We put it all together...

...and left it on Jason Bourne's chair after he'd gone home.

Can't wait for the reaction tomorrow.

From Jason Bourne and Phileas Fogg.


  1. um, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    a fan of all things potty jokey,

  2. OMG love it. Why don't I have a co-worker like you?

  3. LOVE IT!!! I especially love the pink bag and pink tissue paper. :)

  4. and in a bright pink bag, no less!

  5. Fabulous gift!
    Please take a picture of your coworkers' reactions upon his return.

  6. Nice.

    Can't believe they make that card!! Love it.

  7. OMG! That is so f'ing hilarious! Can't wait for you to give a fullaccount on your co-worker's reaction!

    Sounds like you have great co-workers...wonder what that's like! *Sigh*

  8. it's stories like this that make me miss having CWs.


  9. Could there BE a more perfect card for your ruse? I think not. Target is the bestest.

  10. AWESOME. I also want to see some reaction photos! :)

  11. OMG, that is freaking hysterical!! I love that you did this.

    And I love Jokey Smurf.

  12. You are a nut. :) I love it!

  13. best. card. ever.

    pretty good joke, too.

  14. I need to go buy at least a dozen of those cards!

    I'm lucky like you and have amazing coworkers, it's a blessing really...

  15. Okay, I feel sooooo out of the loop! It is obvious who capri is, but who are the others? :( You will have to tell me when I come in today. I'm going in order to rescue Bax from having to try to pretend to be me and lead a meeting with about 20 clients she's never met. She really is the best!

  16. I have seen and loved that card at Target. Love it and wish I had a reason to use it. Can't wait to hear the reactions. You guys are funny.


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