Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lazy Blogging

I have quite the collection of pictures from the past several days that didn't make the blog immediately, so I'll spew forth now en masse with only a bit of explanatory text.

The cupcakes from Auntie Em's Kitchen are dee-lish. (Thanks again, Glam!) Huge. Dense. Rich. The cream cheese frosting is fantastic, albeit piled a tad high for my liking. Not as pretty as Leda's, Dots, or Sprinkles, but on par in terms of taste for sure. Like homemade, if your mom is a gourmet!

Ate at Noodle City (848 E. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park) with co-workers on Thursday. Good pho at a reasonable price. Clean. Fellow Asian co-worker and I were given chopsticks. White co-worker was given silverware.

Dodger game last night. Seats in Loge (i.e., second level with gold-ish seats).

Picante dog with the works.
Philly cheesesteak.
Free helmet radio.

Chocolate malt.
Cotton candy.

Crowd brawl.

Security escorted the drunken bastards out. When did Dodger fans become like Raider fans? This makes me want to sit in good seats only. If I may be totally elitist for a moment, shit like this just doesn't happen when you sit in the Field level. So. Damn. Ghetto.
Dodgers lose. It was a shame.
Visit Papa Monkey today. He brings home Mexican takeout for lunch and spreads a plastic tablecloth with "Happy Birthday" printed all over it on his dining table. Very cute. I forget to take a picture, which is ironic because we spend quite a long time looking at his pictures from his recent trip to Taiwan.

Visit Mama Monkey after Papa Monkey. She makes a bunch of Chinese comfort food for us, including my favorite spring rolls, mapo tofu, spinach, lion's head, and chicken with vegetables and cashews. It's always nice to eat anything from Mama Monkey's kitchen. And it is nice to re-learn how to use my repaired point-and-shoot.

Brother Monkey and Torry accompany us all day long for the family visits. Both wear aviators. Too cool for school.
Then Mr. Monkey goes to see the Dodgers again with Stein. Field level. No brawls. Dodgers win. No pictures. I wasn't there. I watch recorded Survivor, Girlicious, and ER at home.

And that's my lazy blogging.


  1. I'm laughing at the chopsticks for Asians only thing! That happened to me and my CW when we went for sushi! I hear ya about the ghetto Dodger seats, we got some last year :/

  2. Cotton candy is my incentive for visiting all sport arenas.

  3. Food always tastes better at sports games.

  4. OMG. Mama Monkey's food looks so good.

  5. I bet you're going to get a lot of use out of that radio!

    I would be obese if my mom cooked so good. Those spring rolls look so yummers!!!

  6. Brother Monkey and Torry are a very cute couple. :)

  7. mama monkey's food looks really really good.

  8. Any blog with pictures of Brother Monkey and Torry gets me ridiculously happy. I feel a little stalkerish. ;-)

  9. It's not lazy blogging - its a pictorial!

  10. I spy noodles and rice.


    I'm so behind on my blog reading, it's making me very sad!

  11. <3 chocolate malts at ballgames. mmmm!

    i caught up on ER last night. i'm liking the direction they're going with the abby/kovac storyline.

  12. I'm with you on the Dodger game seating situation. We have season tickets in a box right next to do the Dodger dugout but the times I've sat elsewhere made me want to cry and surrender my Dodger Fan status. That place can turn into a very dangerous place depending on where you sit! What happened to America's favorite pasttime? Makes me sad.

  13. Dodger games do get ghetto at the top.

    I want to eat at Mama Monkeys!

  14. I was wondering if you were at the game on Saturday. Madi and I were there w/ friends field level, 3rd baseline (the only way to watch a game!)

  15. all the girls have said it but i will concur: i wanna eats the mama's food and the sibling+gf's faces. and boo on the ghetto-fication of dodger stadium.

  16. yay, you got the point-and-shoot fixed after all!

  17. I want to learn how to make spring rolls.


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