Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rough Day #2

I won't bitch too much, but 'twas another UGH day today. Tomorrow will undoubtedly make it three in a row. I will leave it at that.

Thank you a million times for all the sweetie comments. All of you -- real-life and Internet friends -- touch my heart.

After another poopy day, I managed to make it to the Dodger game with Mr. Monkey, albeit over an hour late. It was fleece blanket night, so obviously we had to go because we are freebie-grubbing mofos. The Dodgers had already scored six runs by the time we got there, but we got our blankets, damn it.
We sat in the Reserve section, but at least we were front row and center. Far less ghetto today. No brawls!
Brad Penny pitching, frame by frame.

The guy who sat next to us had a Nikon D300. That was some serious equipment. He smiled at me and my puny D40. Kinda like an NBA all-star standing next to a toddler at the urinals.

The concession lines were rather serpentine, so we just shared a mini pizza and some peanuts. Light eats for the Monkeys tonight. For some reason, only half of our pizza had pepperoni. That made it "light."

I thought about not blogging tonight. I should really get some sleep because I'm waking up early again.

But I just couldn't skip tonight.

A friend wrote recently that her blog is her therapy. And, even though I never write anything earth-shattering or share deep dark salacious secrets, my blog is my therapy of sorts, too. It keeps my mind off things that cause me acne, wrinkles, and/or gray hair. It gives me an excuse to bring my camera everywhere. It makes me happy.


  1. [hugs]

    Hope you have a better day today.

  2. wow, its fun to scroll down the page very fast and make Brad Penny pitch. (can you tell i'm bored doing nothing until my new job starts 1.5 weeks)?

  3. Your blog makes me happy too!

  4. i now have that "you had a bad day" song stuck in my head.

    hang in there. yay for blog therapy.

  5. it's almost the weekend, hang in there for a couple more days.

    i'm quietly chuckling at your camera/basketball analogy. very cute. ;)

  6. Your blog is therapy for me too!

  7. sarah stole the words out of my mouth. ;-) hope the week has a silver lining... or at least that it flies by quickly! have a fab thursday!

  8. "NBA all-star standing next to a toddler at the urinals" love it!
    I love stadium food - it's the worst/best. I'm going to be a fatty and sit in the all you can eat section in a couple months to see the Dodgers/Angels.
    Here's to a better day and a great weekend!

  9. ugh, sorry about another craptastic day. You will get through it.

    And keep blogging, woman! It makes me happy, too.

  10. Sorry things haven't looked up yet. But the fleece blankie is nothing to sneeze at. We use our "Duck Dodgers" (as my son calls it) freebie fleece blankie ALL the time and we love it!

    Miss you. . . If could, I would come by your office and find a way to make you smile. Hopefully all will be better after today's filing.

  11. i so love those shoes.

    and i'm bummed that your week has been so crappy. although blogging is definitely a wonderful outlet for me, too, so i hear ya there.

  12. Here's to better days.

    My blog and my other internet stuffs is therapy to me too. Everyone needs an outlet.

  13. Your blog makes others happy too. I miss writing in mine. I shall remedy that soon enough.


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