Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grub and Grind

We had lunch today with Mr. Monkey's family at Issen Joki (333 S. Alameda Street, Los Angeles), otherwise dubbed "The Old Lady Place" by Mr. Monkey's brother and sister-in-law.

It is mediocre food at best, and the Old Lady is really stingy about air conditioning, so I was a damn sweaty mess the whole meal. Among the dishes we had were the tonkatsu lunch special advertised above, agedashi tofu, grilled squid, and natto (blech).

It must be noted that the original destination was Curry House, of which I tire, as many of you know, and to which Mr. Monkey's family wants to go over and over again. Being the ever-so-gallant man that he is, Mr. Monkey requested that we head to another restaurant, but that restaurant was closed, so we ended up at Issen Joki.


I do love him so for trying. He is a wonderful Mr. Monkey.

Little Monkey Niece was very bubbly today. Unprompted, she cried out to Mr. Monkey, "I like your glasses!" She also rubbed my toenails and said, "Pink! I like it!" It seems that her new favorite pastime is announcing very loudly what she likes.

After Issen Joki, we headed downstairs to sweet treats.

For the first time at my new job, I went to work on the weekend. It took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to get into my building. It's like a total lockdown at my company on the weekend; there is only one way in during non-business hours. I had to swipe my card and look into a mirror-thingy to be let in by security through a semi-underground entrance. Maybe I do work for the CIA after all.

I did a few hours of research (for a letter that was originally due on the 18th but is now due tomorrow) and then picked up dinner from Mandarin Noodle House (701 W. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park). Oddly, it's been a staple in my family and Mr. Monkey's family since we were both wee little monkeys.

Green onion pancake.

Beef noodle soup.
Our dessert consisted of some mochi-based items we picked up from Little Tokyo around lunchtime, as well as the last of some gourmet mochi that Mr. Monkey's dad brought back from a recent trip to the Far East.

You can never have too much mochi.


  1. dude. i bought the same peanut butter mochi at fugetsu-do on friday. i also tried a daikokuya this weekend as the daikokuya was closed between lunch and dinner when i was there friday.

  2. Indeed, you can never have too much mochi.

    A year or so ago, my niece went through a phase in which she announced everything she observed. In one particular instance, she pointed at the moles on my face and told everyone in the restaurant that I had a lot of black dots.

    See? Cute glasses and pretty pink toes are way better.

  3. Every child I know owns that booster seat that LMN is sitting on in one of the pictures!

  4. mucho mochi!

    LMN seems like she is really developing a personality. so cute!

  5. ugh. UGH. stop with the adorable little monkey niece and mr. monkey shots. I HAVE BABY FEVER.

    p.s. fave lines:

    "rubbed my toenails"
    "since we were wee little monkeys"
    "maybe I do work for the CIA"
    "you can never have enough mochi"

    and thanks for the tips on the blogging. Will send u an email to discuss further.

  6. "you can never have enough mochi" is my new life motto.

  7. She is too cute! I hate when it is hot when I am trying to eat.

  8. that lemon mochi cake is soooo good. yum!

  9. I am dying at the mental picture I have of Little Monkey Niece rubbing your toenails. Dying.

  10. There is actually a second after hours entrance that feels less creepy---it only took me over two years to learn of it. If you are nice to me, I will show the way on day. . . bring bread crumbs. . .

  11. Mandarin Noodle House in MP is also a longtime favorite of mine. If you haven't tried the beef noodle soup with hand cut noodles, you don't know what you're missing.

  12. lemon mochi cake?? oh, my.

    that peanut butter mochi is a little chunk of heaven. i think i'll venture to marukai tomorrow and pick some up.

  13. Weemo- my mom lives right by Mandarin Noodle. I've never been in though!

    After reading this- I feel much more confident in going in!!


  14. Now I want to make pot stickers and green onion pancakes.


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