Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Torre Affair

Or a Torry affair. Both work!
We went to the Dodger game Friday night with Brother Monkey and Torry. It was Joe Torre bobblehead night! Yay!

We sat in the first row of the Loge section near the left field foul pole by the Dodger bullpen area.

Here is my now obligatory front-row feet shot. Those are Brother Monkey's feet next to mine.

We witnessed multiple fights.

It was cool to see Takashi Saito warm up and run onto the field with his animation playing on the screens.

Torry and Brother Monkey make Dodger double dates fun!

The Dodgers won in extra innings. It was a really really long game.


  1. jeez! who were they playing? those fights look crazy. :/

  2. I love Brother Monkey and Torry posts!

  3. love the bloody photo.

    bro mo and torry are too cute, like i always say. i see he's still not smiling.

  4. whoa! bloody fight!

    love the pink shoes.

  5. Cute pink shoes! I find fights amusing . . . so great photos :)

  6. Man you make Dodger games look fun!

  7. Did you hear what happened to the umpire on Saturday night? Got the wind totally knocked out of him!!

    Your Dodger nights look so fun!

  8. Torry is so cute! Do I spy garlic fries? Yum!

  9. man, i love ballpark food.

    dodger stadium, not so much :/

    brother monkey and torry ARE adorable.

  10. seriously i had no idea you guys are DODGER BONKERS!!!!!!! you have already gone more than i have in the last 5 years.

    take me already (that's what he said.)

  11. cool fight. i would've start throwing my popcorn at them.

    i <3 bro monkey and torry pics.

  12. Are you sure it was a Dodger game and not the Raiders? Jeez people, grab some garlic fries and simmer down!


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