Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Islamic Tranquility

What do you get when you take all the pork out of Chinese food? This!

The vegetable spring rolls had a tinge of curry in them. Mediocre.

The chicken with chilli [sic] sauce was meh.

The sliced fish with peanuts in pepper sauce was marginally better than the chicken.
I didn't have any vegetable chow mein, but it looked normal enough.

The eggplant with spicy sauce was probably the best dish at lunch. But that's not really saying much. However, for only $6.50 a dish, plus soup, spring roll, and steamed rice, it's still not bad.

My destination for dinner -- Tranquility Base -- was nothing like lunch.


I had some weird lemon-drop-ish drink made with raspberry vodka.

Solar fries and dipping sauces (chipotle mayo, ranch, and ketchup). Tasty but not incredible.

Spring rolls. Better than the ones I had at lunch.

Mini burger with bleu cheese. Very good.

Fried macaroni and cheese balls. Delicious.

Beef satay. Tender and flavorful.

Little steak sandwich. Good eatin'.

Creme brulee. Sadly, downright terrible. Yes, terrible. The "creme" was not creamy enough, and the sugar top (usually my favorite part) was too thick and overdone. It was like a muddy windowpane on top of chunky pudding. Blech.

Berries and cream. My friend's choice. Looked nice.

Fun server. She rocked!

Tranquility Base is a great place to go for happy hour. Everything is only $4 between 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Once you get past that time, however, the food doesn't really warrant the prices being charged, so I recommend hitting this place for just happy hour, or else you and your wallet may be a bit surprised.

I had such a great time nonetheless. As my friend and I walked down the street, she summarized the night perfectly -- it was like our very own meeting of the Five Families of the Scranton Business Park.

Except there were seven of us. Downtown.


  1. i am sad at the thought of chinese food without pork.

    and at the notion of BAD creme brulee.

    just sad.

  2. Your pictures make even the bad creme brulee look good! I want that steak sandwich right now.

  3. Fried mac & cheese balls are like the little angels of food heaven.

    Bad creme brulee should be a crime :(

  4. Have you been doing something different to your food pictures? Lately they've been even more drool-worthy than usual. That steak sandwich looks amazing.

  5. your friend's description of dinner is cute.

    chinese food with no pork makes me sad :(

  6. the title of this post cracked me up. awesome. ;-) tranquility base looks like a tasty bargain; i'll have to head over there and try it soon!

  7. Glad to see you're eating light before bedtime.

  8. all i can think is, "all your base are belong to us."

    the photo of the creme brulee is good, but it's so clear i can see how thick that so-wrong, too-thick sugar top is. sad.

  9. More food on a stick - yay! Bad creme brulee makes me oh so sad. I love the creme part and have been known to eat only the creme and leave the upper sugar crust in tact. It's a skill set, but makes sharing creme brulee with me not so advisable.

  10. Ugh. Bad creme brulee makes my stomach hurt.

  11. "The five families!" Hahahaha!!

  12. I've always wanted to try Islamic.

    EEE can't wait, gf is throwing a cocktail party in a couple of weeks. yum.


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