Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Perils of the Internet

I love blogging. I love comments. I love e-mails.


But lately the Internet has been freaking me out.

In a span of only a few days, I have received a number of unsolicited e-mails and comments from unfamiliar sources -- nameless, faceless, and profileless.

Normally, I'd be eating this up. It touches me that so many of you are motivated enough to comment and/or send me e-mails. These things really do make every day brighter.

But there is a line you don't cross when you're a commenter.

So-called "anonymous" bloggers are strange creatures. If you post your face and experiences on the Internet, there is no way you can truly be anonymous. It is folly to think you can pull this off.

But we try anyway.

There is a reason why I'm Monkey, why my husband is Mr. Monkey, why my brother is Brother Monkey. There is a reason why my friends are Giggles, Bax, Glam, Curly Fries, Perfecta, BPLJ, and Pescado. There is a reason why I work at the CIA or the Green Giant.

It's not just to be cute.

And the line you don't cross when you're a commenter is posting identifying information of such a blogger.

Cardinal sin, folks. Very uncool.

So please don't cross this line, or I'll have no choice but to turn this into an invite-only blog.

Don't make me unnecessarily paranoid about well-meaning fans who just want to send me nice e-mails, telling me to keep my chin up, complimenting me on a post well-written, or asking me for advice.

Don't ruin it for all the others who respect the line.

For those of you who do respect the line, I thank you profusely.

In contrast, you guys can thank the Dumbass Who Crossed the Line for my new policy of comment moderation instead of instant comment publication.


  1. eeek! sorry that happened to you; i have had experience with it in the past and it feels very violating. i try to be careful when posting about personal issues, but everyone reading my blog immediately knows my full name. :-/

  2. yikes! that is much more than "uncool" :/

  3. My heart literally dropped to my stomach as I went back and checked old comments to make sure I didn't give out any identifying info!

  4. SOOOO not cool. Period.

    I have been Having similar issues; I have a stalker of sorts and am being forced to start a private, anonymous blog. I am having to have people email me to request the link directly because I simply can't reveal my innermost thoughts without fear. No bueno.

    Good luck.

  5. your scaring me...i might just have to do the same

  6. LAME.

    Well, that's one way to get the lurkers out of here. And by "lurkers", I mean me. HI!

    -K (aka keswash from thatweddingwebsiteoveryonder)

  7. i've only gotten one anonymous comment but it completely pissed me off! Apparently the internet is made for porn and complaining..

    omg I heard the new weezer song "Pork" and I LOVE IT! can't wait for the red album to come out (even though I thought were were naming it some french saying?) this all according to sirius radio's alt nation of course

  8. One bad apple. pooey!

  9. crappy...i totally know what you mean.... it's scary. sometimes i can't read my site meter because i get nervous about who all those people are.

  10. I'm so sorry if it was me. And if it wasn't me, does it make me a narcissist that I think it might be? Why do I hear you singing, "You're so vain. I bet you think this blog is about you, don't you, don't you?!!!"

  11. Ick. Sorry you have to deal with this.

  12. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tell me the story in privates.


  13. that's just creepy. losers like that ruin all the fun for us.


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