Sunday, April 6, 2008

From Rosemead to Melrose

One good thing about dining with Mr. Monkey's father is that he has connections all over Los Angeles in the Chinese and Taiwanese communities. Today's destination was 888 Seafood Restaurant (8450 Valley Boulevard, Rosemead).
You know those long lines for dim sum? We never have to wait in them. We just get whisked to a table the minute we step foot in the restaurant. Whoosh!

888 is a go-to place for Mr. Monkey's family. It's not the greatest dining experience, but it's decent and reliable, and we eat immediately and are treated very well. That counts for a lot. Today's selections included the following.

While we waited for the check, I headed to Volcano Tea in the same strip mall to get boba for everybody. Pretty good, inexpensive, and run by Taiwanese peeps (i.e., authentic).

Our dim sum outing wore out Little Monkey Niece.

After lunch, Mr. Monkey took me to Tarina Tarantino, where I picked out my [early] birthday present. Whee!
I took pics of my loot when I got home.

Matching necklaces and bracelets from the Gothic Lolita and Taxi Mod lines! So in love.


  1. 1. dim sum yum.
    2. volcano tea blech (although i've only been to the westwood location).
    3. taxi mod jealous!

  2. Oh my god...i'm obsessed with your jewelry!!! love it!

  3. My mom will only go to places where she doesn't have to wait for a table. Since she's not as well connected as Mr. Monkey's dad, that leads us to the same restaurant every time she comes home to visit.

    The new jewels are going to look so fabulous on you!

  4. LMN is so grown-up!
    Love the new jewelry!

  5. addddoooore the new tarina tarantino pieces. i bet we have quite the collection between the two of us! ;-)

  6. love the new pink head goodies, weemo! :)

  7. Oooh cute jewelry! I had dim sum this weekend too!

  8. Congrats on the early birthday loot. Very cute.

  9. EEEE, love the new jewelry pieces. Can't wait to ogle them in person.

    you must've gotten lots of dirty looks when you swoosh in.

  10. You wore something like that to the fund raiser no? CUTE!

    I have yet to try Dim Sum yo.


  11. i super duper loves them! what are we doing for your birfday????????????

  12. Score on the Tarina goods! Very cute!

  13. the food pics are drool-worthy. yum!

    the b-day jewelry is so you. can't wait to see you sporting it sometime soon!

  14. i love dim sum so much.

    almost as much as i love your new jewelry :)

    LMN is getting so big!


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