Monday, December 17, 2007

But You Do Care What I Had for Lunch

One popular gift during yesterday's White Elephant exchange was this book:

I thought about swiping it. You know full well I blog about what I eat nearly every day. But, hey, you guys keep reading. See?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Everybody likes food!

Last night, Mr. Monkey and I had dinner with Mama Monkey, Grandma Monkey, and Scary Crazy Uncle Monkey at NYC Seafood Restaurant.

It was tasty, but, upon my arrival, Grandma Monkey muttered in Taiwanese, "Why is she always so fat? She blew up like a balloon." In light of my 23-pound weight loss, I was livid and had a sour face the rest of the night.

Ugh. Family. Here's what my balloon butt ate.

After dinner, Grandma Monkey asked if I wanted to go to shopping with her in the next few weeks, and, if so, whether I wanted to go to the outlets, Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills, or South Coast Plaza. I was still angry, but I'm not stupid. I chose Rodeo or South Coast. Fuck the outlets! Grandma must pay dearly for calling me fat. Literally. Hmph.

My work day was pleasantly uneventful. A paralegal took some pics of me today to put on our internal portal for the "new attorneys" blurb. Too bad nobody warned me about my office ANTM session. Like my makeup-less mug? I slapped on some Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, flashed my pearly whites, and hoped for the best.

I look kind of insane in the second pic. Well, what can you do? I don't hang out in front of California Reporters every day, whereas I do have lots of practice for the "oh-hi-there-I'm-working" look.

Later, my co-workers and I went to lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant, which was located in the same strip mall as a restaurant where Mr. Monkey's family often has dim sum. I was excited to eat authentic Chinese food with my co-workers, not just because I like real Chinese food, but because I love befriending people who aren't boring eaters.

We had hot and sour soup, green onion pancakes, egg fried rice, fish fillet with black bean sauce, walnut shrimp, shredded pork with onions, and string beans.

Best part? It only cost five bucks each!

After lunch, I bought some boba milk tea. Add that to my snobby shampoo-bottle-like water, and I was set for the afternoon.

But wait! There's more! A co-worker came by with a dish full of homemade gingerbread. My li'l man was so delicious.

'Tis the season! Ho ho ho!


  1. My Grandpa and your Grandma would have gotten along smashingly :/

  2. dude! your grandma needs to meet my whole family. yes, please milk grams and show off your wares.

    the argyle hides the fact you don't have makeup on. monkey's skin doesn't need makeup, anyway. unless it's subjected to sea minerals, i guess.

    so jealous of your lunch. i once had a crappy job, but eating lunch like that (albeit alone as my CWs were all boring eaters) very often made the days seem so much better.

  3. Just had to say that I'm a lurker of your blog. I stumbled upon it from theknot I believe, and now I'm addicted. Love it and your passion for boba teas.

  4. booo to grams! i hope you score big time on your shopping excursion ;)

    that lunch sounds like what we normally order when we go out for chinese food at lunch. yummy!

  5. Farking family...

    Last year Matt's grandma said to me as I walked in to a Christmas gathering in front of the entire family:

    "I thought you were going to lose weight?!?"


    F'ing old people who have nothing better to do but criticize.

    F that you make gma buy some expensive ass jeans to pay for that comment!

  6. I have family like that, too. Lame dash o.

    Oh, and I bought a copy of that book for myself, too. Sometimes I just need a little kick in my blog to mix it up a bit. :)

  7. looks like we all have that grandma!

    and yes, I do care what you had for lunch. carry on.

  8. Grrr to G-ma Monkey. But she'll get hers. ;) I was both elated and sad to see your sitemeter stats. I'm no where near your super star staus, but I'm super happy that you are. :)

  9. A few of the pics aren't showing; I've tried different computers with no luck. :(

    P.S. I have a grandmother similar to yours, who informed my fiance that he was "full of shit" after he introduced himself and gave his name. She's in a home now.

  10. ugh, grandma comments are the worst :( However,may I add you have beautiful skin...very jealousE

  11. Poo. Why do we all have one of those relatives in our families?

    -- the ultimate winner of *that* book

  12. I loved your insane photo... and since I know that you are insane, it truly works for me. ;)

  13. i can't decide what's worse - your gram who says the shit in front of you, or my family who talks trash behind one's back.


  14. Don't worry, Tyra called and told me to tell you she was proud of herself... for inspiring you to take a hot firm picture!

  15. I'm sure your grandma is really nice, but that's so mean that said that about you! I'm so glad you're having her take you to Rodeo Drive or South Coast. Though Rodeo doesn't have a Paul Frank store, so I think I know where you'll end up :)

    That argyle sweater is so cute and totally shouts "I'm a serious attorney".

  16. How CUTE are you in the argyle in your new office?! I hope you've found your forever job here Wemo...


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