Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Festive, Fun, and Five O'Clock

My day was rather relaxing again. I start working for real tomorrow or maybe Thursday. I did a number of training sessions today, and I attempted to familiarize myself with a bunch of new acronyms that I'll be using on a daily basis. My new work is rather specialized. I feel like I'm learning a new language.

But I'm legit! Here's my ID that I have to swipe freakin' everywhere.

Oh, and, since there seems to be some confusion in the comments from yesterday, there has certainly been no raise whatsoever. I thought I'd been pretty clear about it, but I want to reiterate that I've traded my high-paying, high-pressure, high-hours job for a less stressful, 9-to-5ish, less lucrative gig.

I actually laughed out loud at the notion of a raise. I took a fairly high five-figure payCUT. You read it right. That is the amount of the cut. Even so, I've calculated that the reduction is not that severe in light of taxes, and it won't change our lifestyle. I know a few of you are looking at me like I'm crazy, but I assure you it's the right choice.

It may not make sense to some non-lawyers out there, but getting an in-house job is pretty close to winning the lottery. No exaggeration. My homegirl JLK can vouch for this.

Anyway, back to my second day at my new job!

I went to lunch with seven guys today. One of my new colleagues said, "How does it feel to be the only girl?" Of course, as you well know, I'm used to this and said as much.

Lunch convo included discussions of Arby's strange and oh-so-bad-for-you (but oddly delicious) "sidekickers" (potato cakes, onion petals, cheesecake poppers, etc.) and the pros and cons of Rocky IV. I think my dear blog readers are right. I won't have trouble making friends here, and I think these guys have already figured out I'm not a stupid girlie girl.

I think they also got a kick out of the fact that I ordered an Orange Bang the size of my head. What? I love Orange Bang! I drank it all afternoon!

When I came back to my office after lunch, I found this gift basket from my recruiter. I gave the two bottles of wine and the wine opener to my secretary, who seemed really happy to take them off my hands. I'm content with the other goodies in the basket.

I also told my secretary my phone smelled funny. Gross, right? I noticed it yesterday, but I thought maybe I was imagining it. Nope. Still smelled today. I can't even describe to you exactly what it's like, but all I can say is that it's nasty. Guess what my secretary gave me?

Brownie points for my new secretary! Germophobes, rejoice!

But I haven't even gotten to the "festive" part of today. At about 3:30, our courtyard looked like this.

There was even an artifical snowblower. I kid you not. I did not get my face painted, but I did score some tasty hot cider with a real cinnamon stick.

I ended my day with phone call from BPLJ. Good way to end another good day. At about 5:00 p.m. Fuck yeah.


  1. I hear you on the paycut issue. I worked at an office where I was making way more money than I should have been but I was miserable. Now I just got a job doing something I've always wanted to and I can't wait! So what if they pay is less, more pros than cons. Congrats again!

    p.s. sorry to hear about your family pet, its tough but most of the times, its for the best.

  2. yay! sounds like you're gonna do just fine there. that cider looks awesome -- i'd like a cup now tyvm.

    and did i miss something? family pet?

  3. yeah for festivities, phone wipes, goody basket, and orange bang! i usually try to get a big orange bang as refills are usually not free. family pet? [scooby doo noise]

  4. I took a 25% paycut, but there are other benefits, I guess. Sometimes it's worth taking that leap.

    Oh and yeah, I think Brad called the switch to an in-house position "the promised land"

  5. Sounds like you're enjoying your in-house gig so far :) I'm glad to hear that. Think of all those things you can do after 5! And the weekends!

  6. To sound like a total cliche, money isn't everything. I hope you enjoy your new job!

  7. Money is great and all, but so is your sanity! I know it will be great for you...definitely more pros on that! As for Rocky IV...there are no cons! Hahahhaha...I can watch that 100 times over and over again!

  8. i am so glad that you are happy with your decision to move to the new job! everything sounds great @ the office... i felt compelled to leave two notes: 1) orange bang is crazy delicious and 2) if my phone had a smell, i would probably buy a new one. eeeeew! ;-) hope you're having a great day.

  9. i recognize that courtyard!! :)

    dude, money isn't everything. i totally understand taking a large pay cut to be happier at your job - been there, done that, although not exactly as much of a cut as you!

    i like arby's.

    and orange bang.

  10. That is one festive ass lobby. Wow.

    Dude, day two and you've already got an entourage. Sweet.

  11. I puffy heart orange bang. It ROCKS!!!

  12. Paycuts are so hot for 2007. Holler!

    You know I just took a paycut and I am loving life right now. Seriously, it's all worth it because ultimately, I am much happier and it trickles into other parts of my life.

    BTW, love the festive courtyard!

  13. I'm fricken proud of you yo.

    It sounds like its going to be a great monkey worthy environment. =)


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