Sunday, December 16, 2007

Simple Saturday

Saturday consisted of little more than errands and dinner with Papa Monkey, Brother Monkey, and Torry before they left for Costa Rica.

I went to Beverly Hills to pick up my four suits and eight pairs of jeans. Needless to say, my bill was astronomical, but, damn, I sure look good in those suits now. What a difference alterations make

While in BH, I went to Williams-Sonoma to pick up this for my SFAMily Secret Santa giftee, the one and only Wan. (It was on her wish list, so, yes, it was a good gift.)

I encountered some holiday cheer on the sidewalk.

Later, we went to La Bottega Marino for dinner on Larchmont. It's not a fancy place, but the food is palatable, and the service is quick and friendly.

I loved my Atomica Pizza, which featured spicy mozzarella, chili flakes, spicy coppa, and spicy salami. It was...spicy!

Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals.

Torry had the cutest purse. I had to snap a pic!

After dinner, we went to Brother Monkey's and Torry's place (they've moved in together). We hung out a little while before they went to the airport. I found this.

And just what is this? It's a Christmas card from Mark Burnett! Brother Monkey just rolled his eyes when I whipped out my iPhone. What can I say? I am easily impressed.

Papa Monkey also gave me my new camera before they left for Costa Rica. I have yet to review the manual, so you'll have to live with my usual pics for at least another week before I sufficiently figure everything out!


  1. Thought of you last night as I was in your stomping grounds for the Stevie Wonder concert, especially as we drove past Famima. I hadn't been to downtown LA in 9 years!

  2. I'm curious. What is SFAM? It sounds familiar.

  3. that spicy pizza sounds delicious. camera!

  4. That pizza sounds like my favorite from CPK! The x-mas card made me miss my cool celebrity x-mas card hookup :( I can't wait to see some awesome pics with the new camera!

  5. I'm secretly really impressed with the Mark Burnett holiday card . . .

  6. cute purse! and i'm uber-impressed that he got a christmas card from them! jealousE.

  7. i wonder if my BIL has one of those cards. i'll have to ask.

    and, YAY! i'm so ridiculously excited to try out my new hot chocolate toy :) thank you so much!

  8. I'd be all over busting out the camera to take a pic of the Burnett family holiday card :) Your bro is so cool ;)


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