Monday, December 3, 2007

Not All Paul Frank Is Created Equal

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know I love Paul Frank. The fact that I love Paul Frank, however, does not mean I like everything Paul Frank makes.

This is especially true since Paul Sunich's departure from the company. Yes, Paul Frank himself has not been with Paul Frank for quite some time now, and it is a dirty dirty story that makes me sad and will take me too long to summarize. I fully intend to support Sunich's new endeavor, Treestitch Design, when it gets off the ground. You should, too!

Notwithstanding the sad rift, I still can't help buying some Paul Frank goods. Old habits die hard, y'know. As I do every year, I'm definitely going to this.

I won a bike several years ago for winning a Paul Frank trivia game. To say the least, it was like taking candy from a baby. Because I couldn't win more than one prize, I gave the little girl behind me in line all the answers to the next game, and she won a surfboard. Oh, the useless information my brain contains....

While I don't usually find that much for myself, I do find lots of things for Mr. Monkey, Little Monkey Niece, and friends.

But let me elaborate on the title of this post -- not all Paul Frank is created equal. I have never uttered truer words. Just because something is made by Paul Frank doesn't mean I'll instantly swoon over it.

The rest of this entry is dedicated to two categories:
(1) New Paul Frank Things I Would Like to Receive, and
(2) I Hate You, PF Industries, For Creating This Shit.

Puppet fleece hoodie with my two fave characters, Julius and Clancy.


Holiday velcro face.


Wink wink.

Julius sleeps...the way I wish I could.


Slanty Japanese eyes. What the fuck?!

Cornrows. Really?!

Thug. Ugh.

Santa sock monkey. So stupid. So not cute.

Hideous rainbow heart rain boots. 'Nuff said.

And the worst of all -- hoodie with ears. It has goddamn ears!

If you give me this monstrosity, I will kill you.


  1. I am still om the floor over the slamted eyes amd cormrowed momkeys. God help us.

  2. oh the puppet fleece hoodie! *swoon*
    wtf indeed to most of that crap.

    i am still boycotting having a life outside of dinner tomorrow, so no pf sale for me! :(

  3. I love this post! I full intend on going, perhaps I'll bump into you.

  4. One hoodie with ears coming right up! ;)
    I'm loving the stuff that you love. The myspace one is probably my favorite! Have fun!

  5. Thug PF?! What has this come to? I'm not going to lie... one of my all-time favorite PF t-shirts was the one that had a bunch of little hamsters in a plastic ball that said, "Rollin' with my homies".

  6. i'm not really a PF fan, but the noel shirt and the myspace one are really cute!

    and i agree with everything on your ick list. those really are hids. all of them.

  7. You may not want to post on a public message board, but if you email me with when you're going maybe I'll meet up with you!

  8. the velcro one kicks ass! I'm glad I didn't see that, I might have just purchased it!

    super fun hanging out yesterday...and miraculously, my mani is still somewhat in tact. ;)

  9. They should combine Thug-Cornrow-Slant Eye monkey for a truly hideous combination...
    Loving the Myspace one, though!

  10. I am highly irritated at the corn row and thug monkey. Highly. The slanty-eyed one is right up there too. I do like the other shirts in your "like" category very much though. :)

  11. Now I know what to get the monkey should the occasion arises . . . ;-)

  12. to the hood with ears!!

  13. Oh god.. I seriously spit out my juice onto the screen when I saw the "thug"... please, have mercy!

  14. I love all the stuff you love and hate *almost* everything you hate...except for the earred hoodie. :) I think it's kinda cute, although I don't know if I'd actually wear it.

  15. don't kill me.

    i'm not gonna lie - i thought the hoodie with the ears was kind of cute.



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