Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Came Early!

Papa Monkey called me this morning to make sure I hadn't bought a new camera yet because he bought me this.

Exciting! My dad almost got exactly what I wanted. I'd planned to buy this, which is basically the same camera, except with more megapixels, but I was all smiles when he told me.

I think Papa Monkey wanted to give me a nice gift since he's taking Brother Monkey and Torry to Costa Rica in two weeks, and they won't be here for Christmas (not to mention, I won't be on that fabulous trip, on account of my new job and the Monkeys' own upcoming South American adventure).

A lovely surprise! I don't really need that many megapixels anyway, and now I can spend my money on cool lenses and accessories...or put them them on my wish list for Mama Monkey, who has been pestering me for gift ideas.

I can't lie. It's good to be me.

The backstory to the gift is sort of funny, and I can't blog about this camera without giving you some history. Papa Monkey is notorious for sort of flubbing on presents. I guess "flubbing" is a bit strong because Papa Monkey's heart is always in the right place. It's the follow-through that needs a little work, though. Hee.

As Mr. Monkey aptly noted today, Papa Monkey lives his life according to Consumer Reports.

What does this mean?

Rather than opening his eyes and being aware of his actual ever-changing surroundings, Papa Monkey adheres almost strictly to what he reads in Consumer Reports and other magazines, even when that information is stale and/or not applicable to the situation at hand.

Years ago, Papa Monkey bought The Wallflowers' Bringing Down the Horse for my brother based solely on a glowing review in Time or some similar magazine. Not even Rolling Stone or Spin! Well, he's a dad, so we can't expect him to read those mags.

Even so, as a dad, he should've known -- as both my mom and I were well aware -- Brother Monkey was way into ska and punk at that time. A far cry from Jakob Dylan, to say the least. We all laughed about it much later, but I think Papa Monkey felt terrible that he wasn't home enough to know about his own son's musical tastes.

A few years ago, Papa Monkey bought Brother Monkey an iPod. Great gift, right? Yes and no. Papa Monkey bought the previous generation when the new generation was already out.

[insert wah wah wah music here]

With my gift today, I know that Papa Monkey must've read his trusty Consumer Reports and saw that the camera he bought was a "best buy" without probing any further to see that there was a slightly newer version available. Brother Monkey has always been very gracious and sweet about not pointing out these things to Papa Monkey (although we talk with each other about stuff like this), so I am going to do the same.

I love Papa Monkey and my awesome new camera! What a great new toy! Yay!


  1. you are one VERY lucky monkey. so jealous!

    yay for papa monkey!

  2. p.s. i love how you put in a photo of you & p on the lcd display.

  3. What an awesome gift! Yay Papa Monkey!

    (BTW, he sounds like my own dad who lives and breathes Consumer Reports)

  4. omg, you went to the "other" side...i'm a canon fan hehehehe

    congrats!!! you will love it!

  5. do I smell wedding photography in your future?

    papa monkey and papa ssinca are two peas in a pod with their consumer reports! congrats on the early present!

  6. I am super jealousE, but very happy for you.

    (Please let me know how it is. I want something similar.)

  7. Fun! Brent and I are hoping to upgrade our cameras soon, too.

  8. Damn.. I think I'd trade my new toy for yours.
    Man do I need a new d-cam

  9. I am Santa in both households, I never get cool gifts, unless I specifically point them out. Although MrKP deserves many honorable mentions. You lucky monkey!

    One of my friends just got the D40x from her husband and took pictures of our Tahoe trip last weekend, I'll post reviews. In the meantime, enjoy your new toy!

  10. jealousE.

    Funny because I dropped the not-so-subtle hint to my dad last night that I wanted a D40X. I am sure it's not happenin', though.

    Enjoy your new toy!

  11. So freakin' jealous. Are you going to become a wedding photog now? :)

  12. YEY!! Papa really did make a good choice this time though.

    Hope you gave him a big hug!

  13. We got the D40 right before our honeymoon. I also picked up the one with less megapixels because I figured we only use if occasionally so there was no need for anything more. It still takes great pictures and I love it. Hope you enjoy your gift!

  14. suh-weet!

    i just got jimmy nikon binoculars for christmas.

  15. I shall expect Kay quality photos from now on ;)

  16. I'm incredibly jealous. Can Papa Monkey adopt me this year? :)

  17. Wow! What a great gift! I was just having a convo the other day about always getting bad gifts such as a "Learn to Dance" dvd or awful PJ sets.

    And I have to agree with the others, you'll love it. Its addicting.

  18. dude, this is the VERY camera i have on my list. again, i seethe with jealousE.


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