Sunday, December 23, 2007

Perfecta's Posh Party

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Do you have friends with beautiful homes? I mean seriously palatial and grand, not "charming" or "cute." Are they your age? Last night, I went to the fanciest party (at a house) thrown by a friend my age.

And that's why it was impressive.

Old people's fancy parties are no big deal. Whatever. When I'm 60, I predict I'll be able to do the same. To host a party like Perfecta's at age 30 is really something, though. If you are young, beautiful, and Armenian, this was where you were on Saturday night! (If you're wondering, I was an honorary Armenian for the night.)

Perfecta's house is effin' sweet. The backyard has a rock-encircled pool, natural vegetation, and a small playground set. It's like the Playboy Mansion meets kindergarten. Just how posh was Perfecta's party? She had bartenders, servers, and outdoor heaters!

Baby Perfecto has the best nursery ever, complete with a small door that leads to a child-sized playroom.

The big bed.

Perfecta's place was brimming with festiveness.

And now for everybody's favorite -- the food!


Perfecta's hot shoes...and a small section of her crazy collection. (Yes, my tour included her incredibly well-organized closet. And, yes, those are photographs of her shoes affixed to plastic containers.)

This was my favorite picture of the night. It's times like these I rejoice in the fact I always have a way to capture such special moments digitally.

Here's the picture of Talksa and her cousin I was "taking" while memorializing the above travesty.

Thanks for throwing a great party, Perfecta! Happy 30th birthday!

Please ignore the fact I look like a butchy lesbian in this pic. [Cue Seinfeld's "Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" bit.] The Ellen-esque fashion choice wasn't as bad in person, I swear. At least it looks like Perfecta was my hot Portia DeRossi.


  1. very nice party. very nice food. very nice shoe storage solution. very nice wardrobe malfunction. very nice accessories on the monkey.

    really! i mean all the very nices. ;)

  2. Wow! I am impressed by the OCD quality of the closet! I'm diggin' the wardrobe malfunction as well. :)

  3. Everything looked gorgeous, including your blazer - not butch to me. I love me some suede.

    Did someone at least finally tell the chick that her wardrobe was malfunctioning?!

  4. I love that little door! All that food looks yummy!

  5. amazing!!! i might steal a few of those food ideas for my next party..was that chick in red wearing spanx?

    ohh...i am embarrass to admit that my shoes are in plastic containers with photos affixed to them as well, but clearly i don't have the "designer" shoes...sad

  6. that's exactly what i've always wanted to have for my shoes! although i don't have the space nor the fabulous shoes. hmmm.

    what a fun party! and i don't think you looked butch-y, dude. i like the blazer!

  7. Wow. Totally jealousE here (except the wardrobe malfunction).

  8. Awesome party, and awesome that you were an honorary Armenian for the night! Dude, my best friend just bought the house that Joe Simpson (yup Jess' dad) used to live in...and yes, she's our age too. It too is pretty damn impressive. :)

  9. Fancy Schamcy!

    That food looked deliciousE!

  10. I also have a fabulous Armenian friend with an enviably organized designer shoe collection. She actually has her shoe boxes numbered to correspond with the pictures of her shoes in a small photo album. (Well, if you consider "small" as 100+ pairs, that is...)

  11. from the closet alone, i know i'd like her ;)


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