Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lady of Leisure, Day Seven

My iPhone died yesterday. Well, it didn't really die, but the camera stopped working, and we all know how important my iPhone camera is to me (and to your blog-reading enjoyment). After reading official Apple message boards on the topic, I restored my phone.

The good news: phone camera is fixed!
The bad news: everything else has been erased!

Everybody, please please please e-mail me your digits! This is especially important for my faraway lurking friends! You know who you are! I'm lookin' at you, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia!

I had snapped all sorts of silly pics earlier, and *poof* -- nothing.
[Insert sad face here.]
Alas. You will have to make do with simple unadorned text.

I met Pescado for lunch. He updated me on some work drama. Opposing counsel called Captain Amazing a "fucking punk" the other day after Captain Amazing totally kicked his ass in court. We also discussed the status of the case we'd worked on together. On Friday, Pescado argued for 45 minutes on a motion I'd written. It was the same case I'd blogged about a few months ago. It sounded like Pescado did an awesome job. The judge asked for further briefing on some FCRA issues, but it seems that he's probably leaning toward our Pescado's side. Fingers crossed!

After lunch, we made an early trek to the cigar store. Pescado left me a funny voicemail when I was getting my nails done on Monday. He merely said, "Let's go!" That's it. I smirked when I listened to it because that's what Pescado said to me nearly every day at work some time between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. It was nice to make one last cigar run.

A few hours later, I got a call from Perfecta on her drive home. We talked for a good bit about what the office was like now without me there and about the next time we'd get together. I felt so happy talking with her!

These free days have been so lovely, and a big part of the loveliness has stemmed from hanging out with friends who make me smile and laugh.

So this post has come full circle -- friends, e-mail me your contact info, stat! Thank you!


  1. Thanks for the extra posts!!! I’ve got my fix, and am no longer jonesing for my morning money musings.

  2. No iPhone camera for WeMo??

    Then I dedicate Kanye West to you:

    "Feeling like Katrina with no FEMA
    Like Martin with no Gena"

  3. I have nothing exciting to add - just want to see if you get an e-mail notice... oh you look good in the Mini

  4. Yikes on the phone!! But yay to the rest. :)

  5. no food pictures on the blog is like christmas on a tuesday this year.. and you have to work monday.

    at least your iPhone got fixed!!

  6. I'm your designated Florida lurker (and now fellow in-houser, yay!!!!!), but I only have your old work email address . . . recipe for disaster. Will call you - good thing the phone number still works.

    The time off between jobs is the only adult equivalent of summer vacation: truly nothing hanging over you. It's so cool.

  7. dude, i'm still aghast at the iPhone dying on you. i'm glad it's fixed, but i'd be so sad if i lost all my cell phone pictures and crap.


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