Sunday, December 16, 2007

Friday, I'm in Love

Friday was a great day (especially in comparison to Thursday) for a number of reasons.

(1) I'm a superstar at work so far! My supervisor was very pleased that I'd taken the time to summarize all of my cases. When my supervisor asked my newly hired cohort whether he had such a summary, the guy grumbled, "No." Bwahahaha!

(2) I got a free breakfast burrito because it was pay day.

(3) I hung out with people I love after work -- my former co-workers. Pescado, Talksa, Ironman, Perfecta, T-West, Lasagna Man, The Miz, and many others were all there. It was the after-party of my old firm's holiday party.



  1. Yay for good Fridays! I knew you'd make a good impression. :)

  2. faux hawk julius is awesome. yay for a great friday!


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