Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I guess the title is a little dramatic, but you all know I have a flair for the dramatic.

The day started off well enough. I perused the files of about a dozen new cases and began summarizing them in a personal list, so I'd be prepared for my meeting tomorrow.

So what were the unfortunate events of my day, you ask?

Around 11:30, I headed out to an early lunch with six cohorts. We left the building through this revolving door. (I took this pic as I left today, so it's dark.)

To get through this door, you need to swipe your card through this. You may only go through one person at a time.

I knew all of this, but somehow I still got stuck.

I got stuck in an electric revolving door!

My co-workers laughed at me, and other random people who were waiting to get out even heckled me for delaying them. I had to wait what seemed an eternity for the door to revolve back, as I slowly shuffled out and sheepishly swiped again and finally emerged to the world outside.

It's a rite of passage, I'm told. Several people admitted they had fallen prey to The Evil Revolving Door during their first days, too. Regardless, so embarrassing!

When I got back from lunch, I finished up my files from the morning. It didn't take me very long. Easy-peasy. Then I tooled around the office as best as I could. This is hard to do when your Internet access is so limited.

At around 4:30, my secretary came into my office, wheeling in a cart full of files, like 20 or so. WTF?! I was pissed. Really pissed. She had sat on these all day long and only now gave them to me. I was not a happy camper. I could've handily finished these up during the afternoon!

I stayed later than I wanted to, which made me extremely angry. Truth be told, I actually got home before I would on "early" days back at my old firm, but the fact that this didn't need to happen at all truly irked me. I hope this was an off day for my secretary.


Toward the end of my work day, Nanette e-mailed me to ask if I was going to Kay's party tonight. Huh? Shit! I had forgotten all about it! ARGH. Man, I was a real winner today. I felt terrible. I never even RSVPed either. It's not like I could just show up on her doorstep now without any warning. Hi, my name is Crappy Friend. Boo.

In any event, it was too late to go. Double boo.

When I finally got home, my place was dark and cold and empty. Mr. Monkey is out of town, and I didn't get the happy greeting I usually get, which only added to my Bummer Thursday. Triple boo.

Sadly, I reverted to an old habit. I ate. I made this fattening treat.

It felt good to eat something sweet and warm and gooey, but now I feel like shit. If I weren't so vain about my teeth, I'd probably purge. Ugh.


  1. Um, maybe you should hold off on reading my most recent entry for a while - at least until tomorrow when your day gets better.

    Oh, and tonight's party was NOT fun at all. NOT. ONE. BIT. There was no good food. The company was awful. The place was not cute. And I am not lying. Not lying at all. Ok, maybe a little.

    Eeeek! What can I say to make you feel better?!?!?!

  2. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow (well, today technically) for both of us.

  3. I had one of those days yesterday, too, and it started when I spilled my entire Starbucks latte all over my car on the way into work. UGH! I hate days like that.

    Hoping today is a better day for you. :)

  4. My yesterday was complete shit too. Sorry.

  5. yes, you were missed =(
    but nothing to worry about, and i will take you up on that drink =)

  6. blah! i didn't realize the secretary situation was just one part of a crappy day :(

    hope friday is better. and just think, the weekend is around the corner :)

  7. at least you aren't the first to get stuck in the revolving door? that is so something that would happen to me.

  8. That completely sucks, but on the bright side at least you aren't slaving away as hard as you were before and well you always have Julius. :)

  9. Boo. Boo. Boo. I hope your Friday is better.

  10. I'm still LOL at the thought of you in that revolving door.

    Just wait until they hire someone new and then you can laugh when they do the same :)

  11. i hope your friday was better. and that your weekend will be, too.

    i think i agree with you on challenges and achieving, but i'm still on the track to both. bleh.

  12. there is so much in this post, and if i say something about it all, this comment will be far, far too long.

    but i'm cracking up at nanette's attempt at making you feel better ;)

  13. Don't get mad, but I giggled my ass off at the revolving door incident.

    I only laugh cause its something that would totally happen to me.

    hahahahhahahha. OK I'm done.

    Cheer up Wemmo. ::hug::

  14. oh wow. that must have been embarrassing, at least you have a blog for when things like this happen! Not going to lie- whenever I go through a revolving door, I'm now going to reference this post to whoever I'm with at the time!


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