Thursday, December 20, 2007

Join the Brunch Bunch!

Hey, party people! The planning for Blog Party #3 has begun! I have a few places in mind, but I need your input as to dates.

My readership has grown since Blog Party #2, so if you're a new More Fun Than a Barrel fan and are interested in joining the fun, check out the criteria for admission here.

Want to see what you missed before?
Blog Party #1
Blog Party #2

Those of you who are already on the party bus, join the current discussion here.


  1. I'd just thought I'd finally come out of the lurker world and say, hello! I love reading your blogs because they are so f'in funny, especially the MY DUNG one. HAH! I would love to, one day, participate in your blog parties, but I live up in Nor Cal. If you are interested, my blog link is: But, you have to be a member of Xanga. I think you've been to my blog once b/c your name showed up on my footprints. :) --SK

  2. i think if i can get away on a stormy ass tuesday night for dinner, i can do a bloggin' brunch ;)

  3. if it's pre-feb 11, I will try my best to be there!


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