Sunday, July 27, 2008

And I'm Not Sorry

Becoming Madonna the Dominatrix for Diabolina's birthday party was no easy task, nor was de-Madonna-izing, so I thought it merited a separate documentary post.

Again, for those of you who don't know the "Human Nature" video, feast your eyes on this:

We begin at Escape Salon (185 E. Glenarm Street, Pasadena), where the owner Sandra, a referral from Jared at my local Salon Eleven, took me under her wing.
cornrows 033
cornrows 034
Let the transformation begin!
cornrows 036
Sandra was very accommodating about my capturing the metamorphosis. Lucky for me, my friend R, who happened to be in the area for her friend's barbecue, was so amused by the thought of my getting cornrows that she stopped by and helped me take pictures!

These pictures are all R's fine work. I wish Mr. Monkey were as good as she is.

Behold the oodles of synthetic hair that was braided into my own hair.
cornrows 043
The big fat cornrows take form. Did they hurt? Only the ones on the side. Sandra gave me props for being so still.
cornrows 038
cornrows 039
cornrows 041
After the braids were done, Sandra dipped them into scalding hot water to seal them. Since I was only going to wear them one night, there wasn't a need to burn them at the ends.
cornrows 045
cornrows 049
R and I stand in my cornrowed triumph.
cornrows 057
Here's a look from the back.
cornrows 060
I went to Diabolina's party a few hours later. My Allen Iverson 'do was a hit. People marveled.

When I got home, I considered sleeping in my cornrows. They smelled a little funny and were sort of greasy. It was 2:30 a.m. But they had to come out. My head kind of hurt. A few hours of braids were more than enough for me.

I meticulously unraveled each braid, plait by plait. It wasn't that hard, but it took awhile because I had to be careful not to get all the synthetic hair tangled. Here I am halfway through. I don't know why I'm smiling at 3:00 a.m.
cornrows aftermath 003
All the braids are out!
cornrows aftermath 006
That's a lot of fake hair.
cornrows aftermath 007
And, after a shower, I am back to normal.
cornrows aftermath 009
With a little help from some aspirin, my head feels a whole lot better now.


  1. you look HAWT with crimped hair!

  2. Wow - that takes heart, but well worth it!

  3. This is really a whole new level of dedication to a costume. I am beyond impressed.

  4. i'm impressed! that pic of you with half your hair out and half still in braids is pretty awesome.

  5. ugh, you have no idea how much I am loving this level of commitment. you are hired!!!!!!

  6. I'm with Sara - I love the crimpy hair look.

  7. I loved that song!! That pic of you with the braids fresh out is so 90's-tastic!!

  8. Crimp-tastic. If only you had bangs that could have been cornrowed as well...

  9. You're soo cute with that crimped hair!

    I'm so amused that you were up for pics that early in the morning!

  10. ha! that reminds me of the night of my wedding when I was debating on taking my hair apart. I eventually did and counted about 46 big ass bobby pins. Plus about 4 lbs of hairspray.

    thats hilarious that R just popped in to check it out

    big ups to you for taking this costume so seriously! I'm usually the bum who bails on any sort of costume party

  11. I'm super impressed with the 'do but you didn't show us pictures of the whole get-up - did you wear the latex suit, too? I super puffy heart that song, it's so great.

  12. dammit, I didn't read the posts in order. scratch my comment about the get-up, I see it now.

  13. Wow, you look so different with crimped hair. It's cute - me likey! (You're cute just as you are, too!)

  14. that is freakin' awesome. i think you should rock the half crimped half braided 'do more often.

    and you're smiling because you are the cheerful monkey despite the rep. :P

  15. You need to go out and get a perm STAT. So HOT.

    You seriously do not half-ass anything, eh?

  16. You know how to partay!

    I totally think you should have kept the rolls and see how it played at work.

  17. LOVE the crimped hair!!!

    and LOVE that the whole album in fact.

    BIG Madonna fan here....:)

  18. the best part about the rows was you went Human Nature for the party, and post-braid pre-shower, you were totally Borderline!

    what fun.

  19. Your hair looks awesome! That is dedication :)

  20. You're a bad a$$, cornrows hurt like a mofo. I'm love the crimped hair look on you.

  21. you are SO hard-core!!! i love the commitment to the look. ;-) costume parties are my favorite and i enjoy going all out!

  22. I request that half-crimped look at the next GTG please. Crimped monkey = genius.

  23. AHAHAHA!!! NOW I get the cornrow reference from the N!! My favorite shot is the half done and half not, hilario.


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