Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Want More-O, Pomodoro!

Let the catching up begin! After a good night's rest, I am rejuvenated and ready to rock again!

On Tuesday, Giggles, Bax, Prim, and I went to a lecture and had dinner afterward at Pomodoro Trattoria.
pomodoro 013
The restaurant is small and cozy.
pomodoro 014
We were a bit alarmed to see this display of instant pasta.
pomodoro 024
The food allayed our fears quickly. We started with a large insalata caprino ($7.50) -- fresh baby mixed greens, roasted bell peppers, artichoke hearts, and goat cheese with house vinaigrette. Good salad.
pomodoro 016
The garlic bread ($2.50) was quite tasty, but, really, anything loaded with oil, garlic, and parmesan would be.
pomodoro 018
Giggles had the wild salmon special ($18.75). The bite I had was yummy, although I don't think the dish warranted its price.
pomodoro 019
Bax's farfalle caprino ($9.95) was steeped with white wine cream sauce, goat cheese, and sundried tomato. I had a bite of this, too. Rich. Love.
pomodoro 021
My gnocchi alla bolognese ($10.95) delighted me. The meat sauce was none too exciting, but the gnocchi had the lovely bounce-in-your-mouth quality that good potato pasta has. Mmm.
pomodoro 020
Prim didn't say too much about her gnocchi all vodka ($10.75), but she generally has very high standards when it comes to food (the girl hates Campanile, for Christ's sake). I didn't photograph her meal, since there were a bunch of bottles in the way, and Prim is not accustomed to my snap-happy ways.

We had a pre-dessert of tiramisu ($5.50). Meh. I've had better.
pomodoro 022
The thing to remember at Pomodoro Trattoria is that gnocchi > tiramisu. Got it? Good.

Addendum: You may have noticed my usage of "pre-dessert" above. That's because we went to Diddy Riese afterwards.
diddy riese 025
diddy riese 026
I can't go to Westwood without this sweet ending.


  1. A place where you can build your own ice cream sandwich? I'm so in lust. Diddy Riese must expand rapidly!

  2. Yeah, I've been to Pomodoro. It's pretty decent. There is an Italian place right up the street called Sprazzo, that is really delicious, and has a sweet little ambiance.

  3. I really need to try diddy one day.

  4. it's a good thing that i don't live in the same city as you because i'm afraid i would be obese.

  5. I want a Diddy Riese!! Alas, it'll probably happen only after I'm dead and gone (things are slow to O-town). I lusted after every one of those dishes, minus the meat (but include the fish). holler.

  6. diddy never disappoints! i recently discovered my new favorite italian spot:

    freshly made pasta + sweet freshwater SB prawns... heavenly! you've gotta try it. ;-)

  7. For the record, I don't *hate* Campanille - I just think it's overrated. The food there was perfectly executed but nothing special. And Pomodoro was good. Both gnocci and vodka sauce are easy to screw up but mine was quite yummy. I think the company was the best part of the evening, though ;-)

  8. diddy is the only thing about ucla that i envy. THE. ONLY. THING.

  9. at least you got dinner and pre-dessert this time.

  10. I once tried making gnocchi from scratch (because that's how much I love thoses little potato goodness). It was disastrous.

  11. The picture of the pasta with white cream sauce made me tear a little. I love and miss food like that right now. ;)

  12. Diddy R is the reason why I give blood. lol. You get all you can eat cookies! And different varieties too!

  13. oh sweet lord...diddy riese...with a taste like that, i know there's a god. for real.


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