Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boy Meets Girl

I brokered a baby date yesterday.


The Bean was born in October 2007. Small Fries was born in October 2007. Wan is my friend. Curly Fries is my friend. I decided they should meet. I also decided Wan should pick up Amber on her way.

And the baby date came to be.

We got some food to go from Tiara Cafe, where the picture-taking began.
babyfest 003
babyfest 001
babyfest 006
We brought the food back to our loft, chowed, and played with the li'l tykes. Small Fries really enjoys crawling over things, including people...including me. Here he is on his way to conquer my knees.
babyfest 015
The Bean does her best Flashdance impression.
babyfest 019
Both babies enjoyed eating numerous inedible items.
babyfest 062
babyfest 067
babyfest 068
babyfest 071
It was funny to watch them check each other out.
babyfest 043
babyfest 064
Even funnier was the fact that The Bean is rather forward and kept grabbing Small Fries' butt. Please note Wan's finger on the left admonishing the little flirt.
babyfest 050
babyfest 021
babyfest 024
babyfest 078
babyfest 091
This is not a joke. Babyfest occurred at Baby Hater's loft today.

And Baby Hater had fun.


  1. You're softening...You're no Baby Hater :) How cute are those pics of The Bean and Small Frys?

  2. I smell a wedding in about 20-25 years. too cute!

  3. the bean is such a flirt. and poor small fries just wanted to play with his toys!

    thanks for hosting the playdate! it was most fun because it was at YOUR place. ;)

  4. Those are two of the cutest babies I have EVER seen.

  5. And then you went to TGI Fridays followed by a Dave Matthews concert? Who are you?

  6. Too cute. :)

    Love the "Flashdance impression" bit.

    The Tiara Cafe is really pretty!

  7. Awesome lighting on the photos with adorable babies :)

  8. Too adorable for words. :)

    I agree with Ssinca ... maybe you should add 'matchmaker' to your resume.

  9. I'm cheesing like you wouldn't believe right now. Man those babies make me want to pinch cheeks like crazy.

  10. ahh! such a cute post. are you softening up on me though???

  11. oh WeeMo, you're about 2 matches away from becoming Patti Stanger (aka Bravo's Million Dollar Matchmaker)

    those two lil putt putts (my word for all babies) are the CUTEST little humans ever! great pictures

  12. those two cute babies would make adorable babies. although i'm sure the moms don't want to even think about that yet.

    great photos. :). nice natural light.

  13. OMG I totally want to squeeze baby cheeks right now!!!

  14. yummy yummy in my tummy those babies. they are not allowed around me. i WILL eat them.

  15. I'm starting to like the idea of arranged marriages... :) Super cute pictures!

  16. Damn those are some cute babies! I'm very impressed, my dear.

  17. UH start softening a bit and before you know it.....WATCH OUT!!!!.............:P

    That was nice of you to host a play date like that.

    Those two are sooo effin adorable!

  18. so much fun! thanks for having me along for the baby-filled afternoon. they really are the cutest things ever :)

  19. You better not be softening up on me!
    Cute kids though, I can see how those adorable kids could soften the hardest of hearts.

  20. I love that you brokered the date. Love it!


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