Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bolognese and Breaking

Last night, I went to a fun lecture with Bax, Giggles, and Giggles' boyfriend. Before we went to the Central Library, we grabbed a quick dinner at Maria's Italian Kitchen.
maria 001
At this downtown location, you have the option of "express" or "nicer" dining.
maria 002
Even though we were in a hurry, we opted for "nicer."
maria 003
Our server assured us that she could get us out in 45 minutes if none of us chose a baked dish. She was so cheery and personable -- really good service.

Bax's fresh broccoli al pesto with cream ($13.99) was tasty enough.
maria 006
My meat ravioli ($12.99) was stuffed with beef and pork and served with marinara sauce. Decent.
maria 010
Giggles' southwest chicken salad and her boyfriend's barbecue chicken chopped salad ($8.99 each for half portions) looked adequate.
maria 007
maria 008
Our server came through with her promise of getting us out in 45 minutes. Her note on our check was funny. We were glad that we had an ok meal so quickly.
maria 012
And we were off to the library!
breaking 013
breaking 014
breaking 016
breaking 017
The program, "Breaking in Its 30s: The Maturing of Hip Hop's Dance Art," was presented by ALOUD, a free series of lectures, readings, performances, and discussions.
breaking 019
I thought it was funny that an old white lady did the introduction. Actually, there were lots of old white people in the audience. That's usually the case at these free library events.
breaking 020
Imani Kai Johnson, a doctoral candidate in the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity at USC, gave a brief talk about breaking through the years. It is the subject of her dissertation. She explained her analysis of "cyphers," or hip hop dance circles.
breaking 021
Johnson moderated a discussion about the evolution of hip hop with choreographer Raphael Xavier (a.k.a. "Viazeen") and pioneer b-boy Edmundo Loayza (a.k.a. "Poe One")
breaking 022
We were delighted when Poe One pulled up some audience members to demonstrate a few basic moves.

Two-step + scoop + Batman

Picture + sweep + spin

Hip hop is a mixture of popping, locking, and breaking with a different swagger.

Hip hop is kind of like a free-for-all dance.

Poe One demonstrates some locking moves.

A pop is when you hit your body, kind of like an electric shock.

Poe One opines on crumping.

Viazeen explains that locking and popping existed long before breaking.

Viazeen talks about the choreography of breaking.

After the program, Giggles drove me home. Then I watched So You Think You Can Dance.


  1. I love Maria's for quick decent food. Glad you enjoyed it. Lecture looked really interesting and right up your alley.

  2. yay for another fun lecture. maria' i went too many times in high school. glad you had a great waitress, though. :)

  3. You guys got to meet him!!?? So hurt. I spoke to Giggles before she left to meet you guys for dinner and she never mentioned that you and Bax were the "friends" she was meeting for dinner. I'm officially out of the click. :(

  4. you're such the cultured monkey.

  5. totally fun night.

    old white people at a hip hop lecture sorta makes me giggle.

  6. I'm always weary of eating a non-ethnic dish at an ethnic restaurant (if you could even qualify this restaurant as that) so I probably wouldn't have tried either of the salads. However, you ravioli looked delicious.

    I like the picture of the library's chandelier.

  7. Based on SYTYCD last night, it seems that breaking was the theme of Thursday. And just so you know, I got a little worried about you going to the "Library" since that's the name of a strip club in Orange County.

  8. I would have loved it if you were chosen from the audience.

  9. Have walked passed Maria's a couple of times... glad to read a review!

  10. I have lurked on your blog here and there, and I truly appreciate this entry. Thanks for the videos! Awesome.

  11. super bummed I didn't learn the express yourself routine from the video on my blog. all that roger rabbiting and flexing would have spelled perfection at the orchid.

    me thinks we should learn a sytycd routine and perform it at the next party.

  12. What a fun lecture. So america's best dance crew.

  13. I totally would have gone to that!

  14. i admit it, i was a little afraid of what the lecture was about this time :P

    and i am SO disappointed that you weren't one of those who got pulled up on stage!

  15. Hey thanks for posting that. i just saw it and had no idea anything was recorded. Can i get a copy of what you have so i can make a demo/promo video for the tour?


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