Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Buzz Buzz Buzz

The hits on the blog have been astronomical lately, and my referring URLs have been no different from my usual ones. The only thing I can conclude is that some of you are perhaps checking anxiously for my still yet-to-be-posted purportedly controversial post.

But even this doesn't really explain the increased visits, as these are unique visits and not simply page views.


Sorry it's taking so long. I worked on it some more tonight, but I may have to scrap everything I wrote because I had four margaritas before composing.

They were small margaritas, though.

But still.

Now I am sleepy and getting more and more incoherent by the minute. I need to go to bed. You can blame El Cholo.


  1. i haven't been this curious about the controversial post since the season finale of Friends where Rachel went to go meet Ross at the Airport because she lurved him...

  2. el cholo is my friend who influences me to have too many margaritas, too.

    i buzz-blogged about the rest of my bday weekend last night. it's unpublishable. it's not even funny/cute in a drunken way.

  3. El Cholo can be blamed for many of my poor decisions.

    And yes, I'm mucho curioso. I have an inkling, but maybe I'm totally off base. Can't wait!

  4. i love playing sitemeter detective. oh but wait you are using google now, right?

    the other day i had a us patent office hit about a target bag. rolling eyes.

    excited for controversy - your numbers will skyrocket ;)

  5. oh and el cholo is the best. we used to get half off with usc id in college. we LIVED there in the summers. life was so great...

  6. i'd actually be interested in reading a drunken post from the monkey... although said topic is probably better written while sober ;)

  7. OK u caught me!!!

    I'm de-lurking here!!

    I know u from the knot my username was Jimbosgirl.

    I'm friends with Leslie and Angelina.

    LOVE your blog!

  8. I disagree with Amber :) Perhaps a drunken controversy post will really boost your numbers :) (realistically though, you should be sober)...anxiously awaiting!

  9. man, i'm lucky if i get around to posting an entry regularly. i can't even tell you the last time i looked at my stats.

  10. another de-lurker.

    I'm from the nest boards (Mishas_Girl).



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