Sunday, July 27, 2008

From D-List to A-List

I met starlily313, cheapbeachbride, and insomniac at bld yesterday for brunch.
bld 002
bld 007
bld 008
bld 023
Upon arriving, I was excited to spot a lesser-known actor, Nicholas Cage's dorky sidekick in the National Treasure movies. Despite having lived in Los Angeles for the past seven years, I still get incredibly starstruck. To my credit, I am very polite and never take photos unless I'm far enough away not to disturb.

Sadly, my cohorts did not recognize the not-so-famous Mr. Bartha and were not as excited. They did get more excited about the food, though.

starlily and I got a mimosa and fresh-squeezed orange juice, respectively.
bld 009bld 010
insomniac chose the Eggs as You Like Them ($10). She liked her eggs scrambled and accompanied by thick cut bacon.
bld 012
starlily's brioche french toast ($12) came with fresh berry compote, creme fraiche, and maple syrup. The few bites I had were quite tasty, although I was hoping the brioche would be a bit fluffier.
bld 016
Check out that maple syrup container!
bld 014
starlily also had a side of merguez chicken sausage ($4.50). It was well-seasoned, but the bite I had was a tad crumbly and dry. Maybe it was because it was an end-cut.
bld 019
cheapbeachbride's braised pork shank and poached eggs with citrus hollandaise and grilled country bread ($14) was delicious. I savored my little taste.
bld 015
I ordered the Spanish frittata with chorizo, smoked paprika, fingerling potatoes, roasted piquillo peppers, and manchego cheese ($14). Muy sabroso! I was pleased.
bld 018
The cream cheese and chive biscuit that came with my meal was awesome. The chives really made it special. Love.
bld 021
We ended with a nectarine blueberry crisp with nut crumble and vanilla ice cream ($7). Perfect combination of hot, cold, sweetness, and tang.
bld 024
During brunch, we all admired insomniac's new hard-earned iPhone.
bld 028
It turns out that insomniac is a fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, as evidenced by her texting with her friend. This made cheapbeachbride, starlily, and me laugh quite heartily. Twilight is all the rage and obsession of a number of our cyberfriends.
bld 029
Toward the end of our meal, my dear little D-list actor left, and someone much bigger sat down -- Oscar winner Forest Whitaker! He dined just five or six feet away from us.

I love L.A.


  1. Twilight is everywhere, WeeMo, you can't escape it! :-)

    Man, that food looks delish.

  2. drooling over your plate. and I'm impressed you saw two celebs in just a few hours!

  3. I love LA, too! We were there yesterday for a short while. I haven't spent nearly enough time there, mainly because I have no idea where the hell I'm going. ;)

  4. 1. I love that the nest is one of the iphone screens featured.

    2. thick cut bacon and eggs is not "mostly plants", insom!

    3. I want to move to LA just to hang out with you hobags

  5. Dude, Forest stopped in a store while I was on the way to my car! I sauntered by slowly and looked at him, um, I mean the window display... yeah. 'Twas a lovely brunch!

  6. i would have totally freaked out at seeing forest! that is so cool!

  7. My hubs loves that actors character lol!

    Your food photographed well . . . so I'm assuming it tasted as good as it looked!

  8. chorizo....yum. did you know that justin bartha is dating ashley olsen??? heard that he has quite the temper...good thing you didn't take a pic of him. he might have gone ballistic.

  9. How cool! I love how you recognize celebs of all levels :)

  10. i heart la too. ANYTIME you want to go to bld I am there. The burger is one of my top five in la.

  11. Yup...still sounds delish the second time around. Love celebrity sightings too!

  12. lol at thick cut bacon sarahlind... you caught me

    My dinner that night was meatless - leftover black bean pie courtesy of LizzieB.

    i try to eat at least one major meal (lunch or dinner) completely meatless.

  13. so yummy-looking. i never ever see celebs. i think i'm just that clueless/not perceptive more than i'm never near them. SO would have preferred this to what i did on saturday morning. still annoyed. grumble grumble.

  14. My first celeb sighting AND such a fun time with ladies who made me laugh constantly -- it was a fun day!

  15. I would be so excited to see National Treasure Sidekick because I think he is cute and lovable.

  16. Yikes! bld is one of my favorite roosts, and on Tuesday evening you can often find a Sable Crow perched on a high red chair at the bar, swilling wine and chatting with Candy--the waitress-cum-entertainer behind the counter. Hilarity ensues.

    I also just bought all the Twighlight books. As you can imagine, vampire fiction comes quite easily to me, and those books had somehow escaped my radar. Once I get through Peruvian mysticism (in prep for my trip next month) and the stack of Wall St value-investing books I have, those delicious black tomes are my hard-earned reward!

    Sad news for you: vampires are gay. All of them. And they're mine!


  17. i don't know if i'd have recognized him, but i totally knew who you meant without having to click on the link.


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