Sunday, July 27, 2008

Madonna and Michael Madness

Diabolina threw a fabulous party last night at Orchid. She turns 31 tomorrow! The theme of the party was "My Madonna and Michael Jackson Masquerade."

Since we sort of copped out at Mr. Diabolina's '90s party by just putting on some flannel shirts, we decided we needed to go all out in honor of everybody's favorite fashionista.

For those of you less familiar with Madonna's body of work, I present to you images from her "Human Nature" video.
Now that you've seen the inspiration, witness the insanity! Lots and lots and lots of pictures. You've been warned.
diabolina 31 party 001
diabolina 31 party 008
diabolina 31 party 009
diabolina 31 party 003
diabolina 31 party 005
diabolina 31 party 011
Sable Crow was a most excellent smooth criminal.
diabolina 31 party 012
Short pants and white socks were all the rage.
diabolina 31 party 013
diabolina 31 party 015
diabolina 31 party 006
diabolina 31 party 018
diabolina 31 party 020
diabolina 31 party 022
diabolina 31 party 023
diabolina 31 party 024
diabolina 31 party 026
diabolina 31 party 033
diabolina 31 party 034
diabolina 31 party 035
diabolina 31 party 036
diabolina 31 party 042
diabolina 31 party 046
diabolina 31 party 048
diabolina 31 party 051
diabolina 31 party 055
diabolina 31 party 056
diabolina 31 party 057
diabolina 31 party 058
diabolina 31 party 062
diabolina 31 party 063
diabolina 31 party 066
diabolina 31 party 070
diabolina 31 party 075
We love Diabolina's mommy! She is so adorable. She was laughing so hard at Mr. Monkey's singing. She particularly liked when he pursed his lips when "oohing" during songs! We had a good time scrutinizing his karaoke techniques!
diabolina 31 party 076
Everybody loves Diabolina's mommy!
diabolina 31 party 077
Diabolina gave a whole new meaning to "President Bush."
diabolina 31 party 082
diabolina 31 party 086
diabolina 31 party 087
diabolina 31 party 089
diabolina 31 party 090
We tried on the wig and hat that Diabolina's mom wore earlier in the evening.
diabolina 31 party 093
diabolina 31 party 094
Then Mr. Monkey decided he wanted to wear a tiara.
diabolina 31 party 096
diabolina 31 party 097
diabolina 31 party 100
Braving the snickers and raised eyebrows of my condo's security guards, the other patrons of Orchid, and the valets -- all worth it. To my surprise, my crazy catsuit was not nearly as hot and uncomfortable as I'd anticipated. Phew.

Stay tuned for my next post: the documentation of becoming scary dominatrix Madonna and the aftermath!


  1. You look AMAZING! I love it!!!!

    I spy some party poopers.

  2. You looked FANTASTIC!!!

  3. I knew it! When you mentioned a catsuit, I thought of that video :) you looked fantastic!!

  4. OMG! these pictures are too much! :)

  5. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed those pictures. Huge kudos to you. If I ever have a costume party, you are definitely invited.

  6. you and the mister were my mom's favorites of the evening. kinda a big deal;)

    she said you had such a great energy about you. and she loved mr. monkey's mouth singing chiquitita. hahahaha.

    thank you thank you thank you for being you for my b-day.


  7. three words: OH MY GOD. i'm dying of laughter. seriously, i might really be dying.

    thank you baby jesus that you are always so good at updating your blog. i couldn't wait for d's 3-4 day delay to read all about the big party.

  8. I love these photos so so much.

  9. FABULOUS doesn't cut it! WOW great outfits!

  10. Observations:

    Some people did not play along--boo to them.

    You and Mr. Monkey looked awesome. Yay to you!

    Diabolina looked great. Happy B-day to her!

    You dedication still both astounds and inspires me. Yay to the Monkey for rocking the outfit!

  11. "Dedication" doesn't even begin to describe it. Pure awesomeness in fantastic packages is more like it.

    I seriously can't think of anyone else who could look so adorably cute in that get-up. And you look good, too. :)


    i'm not your bitch don't lay your shit on me. HAHA best lines of the song (at least i think that's what she says)

    awesome pics!!!

  13. words cannot express how much I love the monkeys costumes.

  14. These pictures, the Monkeys' attire and that party all look fabulous!


    You looked GREAT!

    Glad it was fun, sure looked like it.

  16. effing hilarious! loved that you totally got your hair painfully cornrowed!

  17. Those pics are awesome. Looks like so much fun

  18. omg. love. love. the cornrows were the def the icing on the cake:)

  19. okay, i typed out three different comments and none of them were any good. i'll just say "ditto the others" and leave it at that ;)


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