Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Viva la Vida!

As promised, here's the rundown from last night.

The opening band, Shearwater, was not my cup of tea. That's putting it mildly. I clapped furiously after their last song because I was so happy they were done.
coldplay 001
It got later and later, and we wondered when Coldplay would take the stage.
coldplay 002
The crowd went wild when Chris Martin and his crazy hair appeared. Let the British soft rock begin!


Life in Technicolor
Violet Hill

In My Place

Viva la Vida


Chris Martin spoke of his love of Los Angeles, the first stop on this tour.

The Scientist

Chinese Sleep Chant
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Square One

Chris Martin essentially told us we're awesome.

Speed of Sound


Strawberry Swing

The band journeys to the nosebleed seats.


Death Will Never Conquer (sung by drummer Will Champion)
Fix You

Talk (part of it)
Lovers in Japan

Confetti showered the masses! It was like fluttering cherry blossoms!
coldplay 018

Death and All His Friends
The Escapist

Then the band bid us farewell and ran off the stage.

Very good show.


  1. I enjoyed the picture of your phone the most. =)

  2. Ditto what Jane said. When are The Monkeys going on tour? Oh wait. . . I guess we first have to think up a band name that hasn't already been taken.

  3. ahh! love them live. i only have my laziness to blame for not getting tix.

    love the phone picture, too. mine is an e pic. so uncreative.

  4. Oh, The Scientist, how it kills me so. I think it's more my memory of the video than the actual song though. Glad you had a good time.

  5. Aw, your phone pic was super cute! I really like how crisp the b&w looks...

    And thanks for the video of "Trouble," my favorite Coldplay song ever. :)

  6. If I didn't know you - I sure would want to!

  7. i saw this creepy thing in us weekly about how chris martin looks exactly like gwyneth paltrow's brother. try to put it out of my head when I hear coldplay. such lyrics. did i tell you i want to write music? another one of my pipe dreams. hilarious cuz I'm not into music at all ;)

  8. I <3 you for posting the clips. I am so jealous but feel a tiny bit better wih the ear & eye candy clips....so thank you!

  9. Looks like you had great seats! We saw Coldplay a couple years ago - they put on an awesome show! I also loved the pic of you and Mr. Monkey on your phone :)

  10. thanks for the video recap, i could not have shelled that out that kind of cash right now to see them, so you saved me a bundle. love the viva la vida song

  11. haha - you're so right about our monday evening concert experiences being poles apart.

  12. Thanks for posting the videos! They were so awesome, you had great seats. (By the way, I am delurking.)

  13. Oh em geeeeeeeeeeeeee!


    I almost started crying at "The Scientist" clip. I am kicking myself for not getting tickets.

  14. Hey I went to this concert too! Your seats were much better than mine ... I love The Scientist.


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