Sunday, July 27, 2008

Role Reversal

In a turn of events, Diabolina gave me a gift at her birthday party last night. Who is this girl?! She is really something else!

First, if you read Diabolina's blog, you know that she had the good fortune of attending Tarina Tarantino's recent Pink Plastic Party. Second, if you read her blog, you also know that she got two lovely gift bags from the event, thanks to the willingness of Mr. D to secure a second bag. Third, if you read the comments on her blog, you know that I was so impressed by the bag. Fourth, if you've been reading my blog for some time now, you know that I love Tarina Tarantino.

Well, she did it. Diabolina gave that second bag to me. Me! Too much! Adore!
tarina 001
Thank you, D, for the awesomeness that is the gift bag. Thank you, Mr. D, for helping to get it. Thank you both for being so thoughtful. Thank you both for the best time last night. Love you guys!


  1. I started reading her blog a couple of days ago! She's so fabulous! You're a lucky lady.

  2. eeks. ssssh, weemo!!!

    well, you deserved it with the get up fo shizzle.

    kiss you,

  3. i had a sneaking suspicion that she was going to regift that bag to you. lucky duck.

  4. I know someone who's alias starts with 10 and ends in Years who is going to be sooo jealous too.

  5. EEE! the "adore!" is so appropriate here.

  6. How sweet of her! And how awesome for you!

  7. JEALOUS!! i had an "in" to this party, but ended up not being able to attend. i'm forever saddened!


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