Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Not a Panini Meanie

My latest neighborhood reporting may be found here.

A few notes:
  1. If you couldn't tell, there was some editing to my piece. I would never use the phrase "in summary," nor would I use a comma in front of a conjunction sans subject. I would, however, put a comma before a conjunction in front of another subject. I'm not thrilled when people mess with my commas. I use my commas correctly. I also don't write my time in that particular format, but c'est la vie. The guys who run the site are awesome, and it's a great service to the community. They do it all for free, so major props to these lovely boys.
  2. To be completely honest, I didn't unleash the Leslie Brenner in me. I could've slammed the place, but I refrained mainly for selfish reasons. I really want this place to succeed, so I'll have another decent dining option close to me. Thus, I was quite kind. I figure the place still has time to improve.
  3. I would pick Tiara Cafe or Angelique Cafe over Panini Cafe any day. (Why do they all have "cafe" in their names? Weird.)
  4. I am very boring when I report. Such a different breed when I must be serious. You should read my legal briefs. Snooooooooozer.
Thank you, and good night.


  1. I dig the photos, especially the ones of the patrons eating inside the cafe.

  2. yeah, sounds/looks edited. love your insider's notes here.

  3. Definitely a heavily edited version of the WeeMo writing we know! I also enjoyed the "Behind the Story" commentary. :)

  4. That was extremely kind of you to not blast them. They should give you a free panini or tea or something.

  5. Hi! I just wanted to give you a fly-by. I always enjoy your blog and your writing style. It's obvious you take great care in the use of your commas; other writers enjoy your skill immensely. Since Diabolina cites you as a significant influence on her blogging, you are therefore a great influence on mine!


  6. i would NEVER edit your pieces on the JQ Lounge...


    that's a cool opportunity though! Congrats :)

  7. I, love, comment, #1, above. :)

  8. you have the best titles. EVER!

  9. No "in summaries???!!!" What in the world do you put in your legal briefs???!!! If you were to remove all of my "therefores" and "in summaries" and "in additions," I bet all my legal briefs would only be about a page long.

  10. Nice, kind, summary! I hope I used my commas correctly. I may have developed a comma insecurity issue now...

  11. "In summary" made me laugh. I don't even use that in research papers. It's a total high school move.

    I missed the comma splice. Where is it?


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