Saturday, July 19, 2008

In the Zone

Yesterday, I had lunch at Green Zone (534 E. Valley Blvd., San Gabriel) with Bax and Prim. Green Zone serves organic Chinese food.
green zone 010
At first, I was a skeptic, but the clean design of the restaurant instantly won me over as soon as I stepped inside. Totally not your typical Chinese restaurant.
green zone 018
green zone 017
Better yet, the food and service were both fantastic. From start to finish, we were surrounded by deliciousness and good cheer. As Bax said twice, we had the "nicest server ever."

The passion fruit iced tea ($2.50) was sweet, refreshing, and seriously awesome -- not just regular awesome. It was so awesome that I had three glasses. Bax had four. Refills are free and plentiful. Obviously.
green zone 019
We shared a large combination sampler ($8.95), which came with prawn tofu wraps, salmon triangles, and spring rolls. Bax and Prim were not fans of the prawn tofu wraps, but the salmon triangles were a hit. To me, it was just big fried plate of yum.
green zone 026
green zone 027
Both Prim and I ordered the combo noodle bowl ($6.50), which contained pork and shrimp wontons; pork, shrimp, and Chinese mushroom dumplings; and your choice of egg noodles, rice noodles, or the house Taiwanese noodles. We both opted for the Taiwanese noodles. Duh. They're Taiwanese! I was excited that the place was run by Taiwanese peeps.
green zone 023
The broth was a little on the bland side, but it was nothing that a little hot oil couldn't fix. The wontons and the dumplings were filled with excellent ingredients, and the noodles had my favorite bounce-in-your-mouth quality.
green zone 025
Bax had wild salmon on organic greens ($8.95) dressed with mixed nuts, flaxseed sprinkle, dried berries, and house vinaigrette. She loved it.
green zone 022
This place was such a great find. In the grand tradition of #71 of Stuff White People Like, Bax, Prim, and their blonde hair happily stood out. Fun!


  1. what a great find! LOVE the insides but of course. and the food sounds really good as well. authentic-ish but with yummy, fresh ingredients.

  2. The decor won me over. Awesome choice of lunch place!

  3. There are so many days I wish we lived closer together.

  4. my CW has been bugging me for weeks to take me here. she loves the owner and the food even more so. i'm happy to hear from another gal that it is indeed quite tasty. :)

  5. you should really be a food photographer.

  6. ooh, what a great find. reason #478 i love your blog.

  7. The prices are so much more reasonable than I thought they would be. Nice find!


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