Thursday, July 10, 2008

Doing Just Fine

I didn't plan on blogging tonight, as we just got back from the Dodger game -- 11 innings and a loss. And it's almost midnight. Ugh.

But I wanted to allay any fears about health problems. I was remiss about reporting back on my bloodwork a few weeks ago.

The results are in.

Save the fact that I am a bit overweight (about 14 pounds, but now it's down to 12 pounds -- I've already lost two pounds since I got the results), I am a model of good health. In fact, my numbers are "textbook," according to the doctor. Amazingly, this includes my cholesterol.

And you guys all know how I eat.

Not only is my cholesterol in good form, but it is in better than good form. My "bad" cholesterol is low, and my "good" cholesterol is high. This is a relief -- nay, a delight -- for someone who enjoys eating so much.

My father has the worst cholesterol, and he doesn't even eat red meat or fatty foods. Yet, despite his ascetic ways, he needs to take Lipitor. My mother, on the hand, snacks all day on strange sweet and salty Asian treats and has awesome numbers.

Thanks, Mommy! Go, good genes!

In celebration of my general good health and to give you something fun to read while I get my act together and jot down my latest food adventures and The Yet to Be Composed Controversial Post, please check out this food review.

I am usually dismayed when one of my fave food critics, S. Irene Virbila, goes on vacation. I look forward to her thoughts and recommendations every Wednesday, and the substitute writer just never does it for me.

Yesterday, however, instead of being disappointed with her pinch hitter, I developed a newfound love for Leslie Brenner.

It was one of the most amusing lambastings of a restaurant I have ever read in a newspaper. (I say "in a newspaper" because food bloggers have much more freedom to really dish it out, so it's not nearly as impressive when a blogger rips a place a new one.) I particularly loved the piece because I, too, detest Gladstone's. Bravo, Brenner!


  1. congrats on the clean bill of health! I, however, cannot say the same...:/

  2. yay for being a healthy monkey! running over to read LAT article now...

  3. Yay for good cholesterol numbers!

    I am dying in suspense over the controversial post . . .

  4. I also hate Gladstone's. Ew. I love Irene. She's wonderful.

    Happy to hear you're good and healthy, Monkey!

  5. This blog brings me double happiness: primarily for your good health news, as well as for learning that there are still people my age who read the newspaper.

  6. That was a good review!!

    YEY for good health!

  7. Glad to hear you're in good health!

    Also, Gladstone's is nasty. On this, we agree :)

  8. Hi there! So it was the Gladstone's post that lured me out of merely reading your blog! I've been glued to your blog since 2005 or maybe 2006, I, time flies. Anyhow, I read that review on Gladstone's and thoroughly enjoyed it as well. I'd like to recommend to you a book I'm currently reading called "Garlic and Sapphires" by Ruth Reichl. I'm not finished, but it's quite interesting. She was the former food critic at LAT and relocated to become the critic at NY Times. It's fascinating to get an insider's perspective on the life of a food critic. Who hasn't secretly wished they had that job?? Anyway, I think you'd like it!

  9. Cheers for good health! I once saw on tv that Gladstone's substitutes fish.

  10. Thanks for delurking and the rec!

    I didn't start blogging until December 2006. ;)

  11. glad you are well and only a little worse for all the piggie wear ;)

    looking forward to the controversial post. i have an idea about what it might be...

  12. i truly believe that a post a day keeps the doctor away!

    glad to hear all is well :)

  13. Do you know that I was going to ask you about this? I was thinking about all that doctor stuff and wanted to check on you. Glad it's good news!

  14. i'm happy to hear that all is well!

  15. i'm glad everything came back looking good :)


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