Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

Babies bombard me these days. It's nothing I can prevent, so I no longer fight it. A few years ago, I would go to a wedding every other weekend. Nowadays, it's baby showers.

Sok and I used to work at the Green Giant together way back when. I was two years his senior and his assigned mentor. We were quite the pair walking around. I am 5'3". He is 6'9". He is one of a handful of people with whom I still keep in touch from the Green Giant.

You've already seen the awesome invitation. Here's the circus come to fruition.
circus shower 002
circus shower 015
circus shower 014
circus shower 041
circus shower 033
circus shower 018
circus shower 016
circus shower 036
circus shower 043
Happy face and stethoscope cupcakes.
circus shower 003
circus shower 004
circus shower 006
I had the bottom of a stethoscope.
circus shower 054
Games and some decor.
circus shower 023
circus shower 024
circus shower 031
circus shower 032
circus shower 030
circus shower 029
circus shower 012
circus shower 039
circus shower 044
circus shower 050
circus shower 025
circus shower 037
circus shower 047
circus shower 026
circus shower 059
circus shower 065
circus shower 069
circus shower 071
circus shower 075
circus shower 076
The ringleaders of the circus.
circus shower 079
The favor bag.
circus shower 083
circus shower 085
circus shower 087
circus shower 088
Congratulations, Mr.and Mrs. Sok!


  1. I love the food stands! I've never seen cupcakes like that before. Hoorah for a fabulous party.

  2. the circus theme is great. love all the signage, of course. mmm...cotton candy. the crazy frosting on multiple cucakes is a bit scary. :T

    i just noticed "bananas unpeeled..." :)

  3. looks like a very posh babies shower!

  4. This looks like the funnest baby shower ever.

    Meanwhile, that is the tiniest twin-bearing woman I've ever seen - please tell me she's only 3 months pregnant.

  5. She is a former model and is due in September! Gorgeous, huh?

  6. super cute. I vaguely remember them.

  7. that's such an awesome looking shower! i love it all - concession stands, games, goody bags, COTTON CANDY!

  8. I NEED that cotton candy machine at my home.

  9. Now _that_ is a cool shower! The hot dogs are a winner... And yeah, that is one gorgeous and tiny seven-months-along mom.

  10. I love the dirty diaper game! Wow, twins, talk about crazy hard work!

  11. That blows any shower (baby or otherwise) I've been to out of the water.

  12. aww what a cute couple! Best wishes to them (i actually know what their life will be like; based on watching Jon & Kate plus 8. haha jk)

  13. the mom is gorgeous. and that shower looks so fun!

  14. No shit, but I've always wanted a birthday party with a popcorn, cotton candy, and hot dog stand. Sort of like a carnival at the park complete with games. *sigh* Maybe one day. This looks like it was so fun!


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