Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Joy of Doing Nothing

I love lazy days.
I love waking up to Mr. Monkey bringing breakfast to me.
I love that breakfast is a greasy mess from Carl's Jr.
I love sitting on a chaise lounge in an air-conditioned loft.
I love watching back-to-back episodes of America's Best Dance Crew.
I love pretending that I can dance while watching ABDC.
I love that Mr. Monkey accuses me of liking a crew "because they are Asian."
I love that Mr. Monkey is right.
I love being logged onto the Internet for hours at a time.
I love exiting my home just to get a tasty snack.
I love cup o' joy's proximity to home.
cup o joy 001
cup o joy 003
I love bright colors.
cup o joy 002
I love getting three boba drinks for just two people.
cup o joy 006
I love my Paul Frank John Deere bag.
cup o joy 007
I love driving around aimlessly and laughing with Mr. Monkey.
I love watching baseball in Spanish.
I love ordering take-out.
I love days without plans or responsibilities.


  1. I'm so jealous of your day of loves!

  2. sounds like a totally delicious day.

  3. Sounds awesome. I had a similar day.

    I love the bright colors too! But I'm not a boba fan. :/

  4. I love everything about this blog entry.

  5. i didn't even leave the house today. i love that.

  6. I am a pro at doing nothing. It's wonderful.

    Happy you got to enjoy just being.

  7. That sounds like an awesome day - and I'm pretty sure that, if my husband were a girl, he would want that purse. Scratch that - I can't guarantee that he wouldn't want it right now (and I'm reasonably certain he's a man).

  8. I love that Mr. Monkey accused you of liking one of the crews "because they are Asian." Hahahhaha, too funny! H also pretends that he is just as good as the crews while watching that show :)

  9. what a great day! i especially love the fact that you watch baseball in spanish. rad! ;-)

  10. what a fun day! those drinks look yummy!

  11. I've mastered the art of doing nothing. It's quite nice, isn't it?

  12. Lazy days are the best!

    LOL re: the Asian dance crews. We debate this frequently in our house.

  13. I want a lazy day. Love your love list. :)

  14. I LOVE ABDC too! My husband just turned me onto the show. I want to start my own "cru" now too! haha!

  15. Go Kaba Modern!!
    Mr.P loves Bubble Tea (that's what we east-coasters call it) but I don't like the squishy texture of the tapioca.

  16. I love how you wrote this post. And please describe the cup-of-joy javas. They look delish, I'm not sure we have any of those in NYC!


  17. Lyra! I know for a fact that you can get boba drinks in Chinatown in NYC and possibly many other places, too.

    "Boba" are sweet, chewy tapioca balls. They are usually put in a milk tea of some sort, and there are countless different flavors of milk tea. We got a regular milk tea, coffee milk tea, and thai milk tea. It is very sweet and delicious, and you drink it through a giant straw. You sort of drink and chew at the same time.

    People usually love it or hate it. :)


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