Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Oven Doors Are Closing

I got the sweetest card from Janelle Paige today. Beyond creating wedding cakes for Marcia Cross and the movie Monster in Law, she was also the mastermind behind the Monkeys' wedding cake!
Cake 3
After years of success, Janelle has decided to shut down Layers Cake Design Studio to spend more time with her children. As her card says, "My creations need me!" She is so creative, even with her good-bye.
layers 001
In addition to the nice card, Janelle also included a personal handwritten note, thanking me for all my Internet praise. Awww! I love her! I knew she was the one for us when she was wearing a Paul Frank sweatshirt when we met!

Such a big loss for the wedding world, but a wonderful thing for a very special family. Good luck, Janelle, and thank you so much for making our (ok, really, my) wedding cake dream come true!


  1. Your cake not only looked fabulous, but it tasted AMAZING!

    The guest who tried every cake flavor at your wedding.

  2. The important question is...are you buying the business from her? :) heehee

  3. What a creative, endearing card! So thoughtful that she sent it out to all of her past customers.

    Your cake looked really beautiful!

  4. Still the best looking wedding cake ever.

  5. NOOOOOO!!!! I am really looking forward to my anniversary cake in sept!

    I seriously might just cry right now.

  6. What a beautiful cake and a gorgeous card!

  7. I was right behind Nanette in the cake tasting. Hee hee. :) Sadness for the cake loving world! Janelle and her cakes will be missed.

  8. One day her kids will be back done with school and she'll have all this free time on her hands, just in time to create your 25th anniversary cake.

  9. wow, that's one 'sweet' cake!

    What a cute note to send as well..

  10. best. card. ever.

    so clean, too.

  11. oh, your cake. it was SO delicious, and cute.

    that was a really cute card! and you know me, i love hearing about women becoming SAHMs. and hopefully she WILL reopen after the kids are grown.

  12. your cake looked AWESOME. what a sweet gesture to send out that card!


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