Friday, July 18, 2008

Cyberspace Is Amazing

I met several new cyberpals tonight at a wine bar. I had the greatest time. I laughed so hard nearly continuously. I will blog with pics tomorrow.

Hmm. I guess it's already tomorrow.

Just wanted to thank everybody for their thoughtful comments on the last post, especially those of you who de-lurked and those of you who voiced differing opinions. It is exciting to have a dialogue with my readers, all 555 of you.

I don't think I know 555 people in real life. Apparently, taking topic risks really pays off in page hits.

This weekend will be packed with pictures, so I'm glad we got to have this little exchange of ideas. Sometimes it's good for me to write more than simple captions, and it's even better for me to learn from you, too.


  1. 555 is a lot of people.

  2. It's weird when you blog without pictures. Kinda like you're not wearing pants.

  3. I feel left out of your world when I can't see it through pictures. Makes me miss you even more. ;)

  4. Ya know, if the law stuff doesn't work out, there's always becoming a professional blogger :)

  5. i'm glad that number wasn't 666.


  6. that girl and wan-nabe just made me snortle.

    yay for writing more than captions. and meeting up with pals to be winos.

    oh and apparently last night was good all around. have some photos that you're going to love.


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