Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rockin' Good Time

I met some new cyberbuddies Thursday night at Bottle Rock, a wine bar in Culver City. While the venue didn't bowl me over, the company was wonderful! insomniac was as delightful as the last time I saw her, and yeah4me, ajknightfan, and pdx were fantastic people.
bottlerock 001
bottlerock 002
The heirloom tomato bruschetta ($8) was pleasant enough.
bottlerock 003
I arrived late, so I don't know which cheeses these were, but generally cheese is three for $11. The more you get, the lower the price gets.
bottlerock 004
I enjoyed the baked brie ($11), which came with fig paste, herbs, and pecans.
bottlerock 005
The truffle grilled cheese ($10) had boschetto, mozzarella, fresh dill, and homemade truffle butter. It was delicious but far too small. I could've eaten four of these.
bottlerock 007
The roasted dates ($7) were filled with bleu cheese, rosemary, and walnuts and wrapped with prosciutto. Very good, but the ones at AOC are even better. Really, everything at AOC is better, but that's just because it's AOC.
bottlerock 008
A second cheese plate: Ewephoria (sheep's milk gouda from Holland), Bermuda Triangle (goat's milk from California), and Brillat Savarin (soft ripened triple cream cow's milk from France). Mmm. You can't go wrong with good cheese.
bottlerock 009
Bottle Rock is nummy-nummy but pricey-pricey for what it is. The quality of the food is actually quite decent, but your bill will be steep. There is a large array of wines available to go with all the cheesy goodness. My cohorts took advantage of that.

While Bottle Rock may have disappointed me a bit (it's right next to Fraiche, where I spotted Kevin from The Office on my way out and where I sort of wished we'd dined instead), my new friends certainly did not. I look forward to our next outing. I see lots more laughter in our future.


  1. You are killing me with the brie right now, ugh...and the company sounds good, too :-)

  2. Ooooh so much cheese. You can never go wrong with cheese. I miss those dates from AOC. Yummmm. So so good.

  3. Sooooo you went to a wine bar....and have no reviews of wine.......I can't wait to see what you'd review at a cheese shop!

  4. mmmm....cheeeeeeeese.

    that is all.

  5. i'm drooling like mad over that truffle grilled cheese. sad to hear it was smaller than it looks in that picture :(

  6. oh cheese. oh cheese. i think you should have had more wine. when i do that, the food almost always tastes better. well, maybe not. i just eat more the more inebriated i get. dang LA and having to drive...

  7. Next time you have a meet up with your readers, I want to come! The last time you organized one, I met all of the requirements but was too shy to ask for an invite!


    P.S. I <3 cheese

  8. I am loving the cheese theme. Love it. So jealous of your GTG!

  9. Wow, that cheese looks good. Whenever I go to Bottle Rock I always drink too much and eat nothing... And definitely make it to Fraiche next time!

  10. Fraiche sucked I would put it on the bottom of your must try list. But seriously Weemo you were within walking distance of time you are in my neck of the woods let me know!!!!! Grrrrrrrr, *lol* let that be your warning. :)~

  11. Holy hell. I want cheese please.

  12. i heart AOC, and i heart fraƮche. i have a feeling we have the same taste in food. ;-)


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