Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dodger Blues

As I mentioned Thursday, we went to the Dodger game. The Marlins finally triumphed over us in the eleventh inning, which was a total bummer. When the game goes that long, losing really sucks.
dodger 001
dodger 002
dodger 003
dodger 004
dodger 011
This was Part One of our celebration of Mr. Monkey's brother's birthday. Part Two was tonight, which was dinner at a restaurant of his choice. (It was a chain and nothing new and thus not blogworthy.) Here's some of the food we had on Thursday.
dodger 021
dodger 022
dodger 025
Notwithstanding the disheartening loss, Thursday night was still fun. Since Brother Monkey and Torry were unavailable, our sister-in-law invited her cousin and his wife. His wife gave me the most delicious chocolate. It was definitely worth the risk of hives. (If you don't recall, I'm allergic to chocolate, but I still eat it occasionally.)
dodger 015
dodger 017
Little Monkey Niece wore a Paul Frank polo we gave her long ago. She is such a tiny little thing. It's taking forever for her to grow into all the stuff we've been giving her these past two years. Hey, what do I know about infant and toddler sizing? Everything looks incredibly small to me.
dodger 018
This Marlin had some odd aspirations as a child.
dodger 027
The cotton candy guy had quite the mustache.
dodger 019
The game was so long and pretty tedious. I usually do a good job of paying attention, but Thursday was really slow, so I took a million pictures of LMN to pass the time. I liked her sassy leopard lining.
dodger 042
dodger 049
dodger 052
dodger 055
dodger 059
dodger 063
dodger 069
This last pic pretty much encapsulates my feelings about the game.


  1. had no idea about you and the chocolate. good to know.

    adore a leopard lining on a child. so inappropriately appropriate.

  2. is it bad that i feel like that at every baseball game except while eating and/or socializing?

    i just tried crave chocolate last week. yum.

  3. i think you've gone to more baseball games* this season than I have my whole life!!

    *= including Boston teams which 1 game counts as 4 obviously ;)

  4. The dude that I married was at that same game with his homies. They didn't make it past the 8th inning. And none of them looked half as cute as LMN.

  5. baseball games always make me snore.

    and it looks like LMN is starting to grow on you...they are pretty stinking cute at that age. the PF clothes don't hurt either!

  6. Game food always tastes better than non-game food. It's just the way of life.

    Looks like you're really getting the hang of using your camera! Love the portraits of LMN.

  7. LMN is looking more and more like her Uncle daily (or at least every time she's featured.....)

  8. A few things...
    -that chocolate sounds awesome and I want some.
    -is that your point and shoot camera?
    -I like LMN's polo and jacket.
    -Your garlic fries are mocking me.

  9. if these pictures are from your point-and-shoot, that's it. i simply suck at photography, period.

  10. I can't stand how good that food looked. I hate baseball, but someone love baseball food. I actually just licked my lips.

  11. Yay Baseball games that are fun even when the home team loses!

  12. As always, LMN is incredibly cute. I love the leopard lining and the Paul Frank shirt. :)


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