Monday, July 28, 2008

"Please, You Smile Too Noisy"

Have you ever been shushed? As an adult? No, I'm being serious here. Have you ever actually been told to be quiet in a public place?

I have.

A couple times, in fact. Once at a bar. Once at a nail salon.

And it happened today again.

Bax, Giggles, and I went to our trusty My Dung with our summer clerks for lunch today. As usual, we had a great time with lots of laughs.

Too many laughs apparently.

A waitress came over to our table, looked me in the eye, and said in broken English, "Please, you smile too noisy."

Really? Really?!

The restaurant was full of people, full of chatter, full of noise. There was a crying child behind me for Christ's sake. Wailing. Kicking.


Half of us thought the waitress was kidding. Half of us thought she wasn't. Giggles said she was going to get to the bottom of this. She got up, walked over to the waitress, and asked her.

The waitress wasn't kidding.

Giggles told the manager. He apologized. He said that people should be happy when they eat.

Too little, too late.

My noisy smile and I are not going back.


  1. OK, that's in an even (much) worse league than shushing.

    a waitress at my mom and her BF's favorite casual restaurant told them to hurry up and leave because other customers were waiting a couple weekends ago. they also told the owner and are not going back.

  2. tell her:

    up your nose with a rubber hose!!!!.....LOL

  3. That, My Friend, is a very good reason for us never to go back to "my" restaurant. We've had some really wonderful lunches there-I will always remember our "first time". . . But we are soooooo not going back.

    Not to worry though. There are so many awesomer places to explore. I still haven't gone to Young Dong, but I would imagine Young Dong to be quite tasty, wouldn't you? And Pho Super Bowl lives up to its name and is super yummy. . .

    And yes, I've been shooshed plenty, but always deservedly so. Most recently was when I set up a spa day for my mom, her sister and her friends at the Ritz Carlton to celebrate my mom's B day---we basically ruined the whole spa experience for everyone else because we were having way too much fun and could not control ourselves. I have to say, the Ritz was very nice about it considering our inability to stop roaring and cackling hysterically. This year we will have to ruin high tea for everyone and see if they're as understanding about that.

  4. Don't listen to her. You smile as loudly as you want, m'dear.

  5. I like your loud smile! I think you should keep on smiling loudly. As loudly as you can, all the time.

    I have to admit that when I was a server, many people annoyed me. But that was because they were screaming kids or the parents of screaming kids. Or idiots. But I never got annoyed with people who had loud smiles.

  6. are you freaking kidding me??? with a name like "my dung", they should be happy when people are laughing because they are having a good time AND not at the restaurant's name!

  7. You were shushed at a freaking BAR??? That is absolutely ludicrous. Drunk people=lots of laughing and fun.

    Re dapotato=my mom and I were eating at the restaurant inside Pageant of the Masters last week and the menu specifically asked everyone to eat quickly so others wouldn't have to wait long. I will never eat there again.

  8. I don't remember your "smile" being exceptionally loud. That is insane. What gets me is that it was an employee. It's one thing to shush a fellow movie goer in a dark theater, another for an employee to say it to a customer. That's crazy!

  9. If "loud" means "infectious," then she was right... But there can be no such thing as "too infectious."


  10. The waitress was just jealousE that she was not having as much as you. At least the owner had some sense, but it's time to share your smile elsewhere.

  11. oh no she didn't! i wouldn't go back there either.. good call

    but always remember, as my mentor tyra banks says, always smile with your EYES!

  12. I've gotten shushed on more than one occasion, but I guess I'm a quieter smiler than you, because I've never been told my smile was too loud.

  13. please don't stop smiling too loudly. it's your signature.

  14. Happened to me on an airplane during pre-flight instructions. I was in the back of the plane whispering to my friend next to me, and an older lady behind me yelled at me to be quiet because she couldn't hear.

  15. I have been shushed, as an adult, in a bar as well! Lol. However, not quite in such a humorous way!

  16. Wow. Wow! I'm irritated on your behalf.

  17. I would have smiled my ass off at that comment.

  18. Remember when I can't write? Let's try again:

    i am constantly being told to quiet it mr. d. F that. Sparkly spirits can't be dimmed. My mom said you seem like such a happy person - always smiling. Kiss!

    What a tard that waitress. ugh. i would have stood up and cackled louder at the irony of her poor english. what if you went around telling her to conjugate properly. HAHAHAHHAH!

  19. i have been shushed many times as an adult, seriously. i also have what is called a loud smile. i'm going to use that phrase! two places i've been shushed: in a prague wine bar (i wasn't even being that loud), on a driving range (at a college, nothing serious), in a perkins. i would love it if some day we could have loud smiles together. can you imagine how much shushing we'd get then?

  20. You ate at a place with "dung" in the title?

  21. i'm really sorry, but i had trouble getting past eating at a place called "my dung."


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