Friday, July 4, 2008

Five-Ring Circus

Kay has deftly noted in a past comment that, notwithstanding my extreme unease with babies and children, they constantly surround me. I guess, when you're 31, people around you procreate like there's no tomorrow. You can't do a damn thing about it except smile and pretend you also adore their spawn.

While I may not love babies, I do love creativity, and I am, of course, very happy for my friends who choose to reproduce. I got the coolest baby shower invitation the other day. I think it is my favorite of all time. Well, so far, that is. I know I'll be getting more. People just keep popping out these little suckers.

And I do give pretty sweet gifts.

I found this tube in my mailbox.
circus invite 002
I opened the tube to reveal a tiny pink baby bottle, a tiny blue baby bottle, and some rolled-up burlap with pink and blue string.
circus invite 003
I untied the string to reveal this!
circus invite 004edit
I scratched out names and other identifying info, but hopefully you can still tell how awesome this invitation is.

Sok is an old co-worker of mine from the Green Giant. At 6'9", Sok is quite the giant himself, and Mrs. Sok is a 6-foot-tall former model. They are going to have some beautiful towering twins! With the addition of a little boy and a little girl to their current family of three, they will indeed have a five-ring circus!


  1. that is seriously awesome. obviously, i have a deep appreciation for creative invitations too :)

  2. That is way cool. I just wonder who had the time and energy to put those things together??

  3. Birthday parties make me want to have children. This didn't help. =)

  4. very creative indeed. and twins even better. =)

  5. love a cool invitation. always sets the tone!

  6. what a freaking awesome invite!

  7. Awesome. I guess there is really no need for me to have a baby since the best invitation has already been used. ;)


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